Joanne Schoenfeld honors Angelique Davis with a Paul Harris Fellow. 
Since 1957 Paul Harris Fellows have been awarded to those who have supported the goals of Rotary International financially. Sunrise Past President, Joanne Schoenfeld, has been such a donor. Paul Harris fellowships can also be awarded to those who have supported Rotary and/or the community with dedicated hard work. It was Joanne’s wish to honor Club member, Angelique Davis, for her significant efforts to Santa Barbara Sunrise.
Angelique was the driving force behind the Club’s first extremely successful online auction. She is continuing her support of the Club’s fundraising efforts as well as chairing the speaker’s committee for 2022-23. Angelique is also active in the Santa Barbara community especially Fiesta.
“Angelique is a shining example of what is best about Rotary and this Club,” said Joanne as she presented the award.