Santa Barbara Sunris
Franklin School
1111 East Mason Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93103
United States of America

Six of the eleven schools to receive dictionaries have been scheduled. One or two Rotarian volunteers needed at each school. Please review the following schedule and let Dennis Johns know if you wish to participate in the delivery(s):


Friday, Nov 18, 9am: Adams, 2701 Las Positas Rd.

Friday, Nov 18, 10:30am: Roosevelt, 1990 Laguna Street

-Schools closed for Thanksgiving-Nov 21-25

Monday, Nov 28, 1:45pm: Peabody, 3018 Calle Noguera

Tuesday, Nov 29, 9am: Vieja Valley, 434 Nogal Dr.

Tuesday, Nov 29, 2pm: Franklin, 1111 East Mason St.

Wednesday, Nov 30, 8:40am: Monte Vista


Hope you can join me and enjoy this very heart-warming activity.