Santa Barbara Sunris
United States of America
A cataract surgeries project in Celaya, Mexico has been scheduled June 24-25, 2022.
The Rotary Club of Celaya Nat-Tha-Hi invites our club to participate in the clinic by assisting the patients during the pre and post-surgery process. Many of our club members have traveled to Celaya in prior years and had an incredible experience helping others and socializing with local Rotarians. 
SEE International donates medical supplies and materials for the surgeries the volunteers from Santa Barbara Sunrise bring the supplies with them on the plane. The Nat-Tha-Hi Rotarians meets the group at the airport and provides transportation, lodging, and meals.
Please consider volunteering for this wonderful international project with our sister club Celaya Nat-Tha-Hi.
Contact LuzMaria Ortiz for more detailed information.