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Goleta Park TBD
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Channel Islands Restoration is partnering with the City of Goleta for its Adopt-A-Park program to promote camaraderie and a commitment to cleanliness in our community. Alongside other volunteers, you will go to one or two locations to help keep local parks clean!
Together with The City of Goleta, we will provide all of the necessary equipment for your volunteer day. Join us Saturday, August 6th, and volunteer to clean up our parks to support our conservation mission.

What Is Adopt-A-Park?
The City of Goleta manages 28 parks and open spaces. Their Public Works Department handles the maintenance of these locations, and the City aims to keep these areas well-maintained and accessible to the community.
Due to time and resource constraints, the City of Goleta cannot provide deep cleans for some of the more popular areas. Thanks to The Adopt-A-Park program, supplemental maintenance of these locations is now possible with your support.
As a volunteer, you have the opportunity to make a direct impact in helping to clean our community's green spaces and raising awareness for the preservation and maintenance of local parks.


As always, if we want to go to a particular park as a group, let me know and I will contact the volunteer organizer and tell them to keep us together as a group.  If you volunteer be sure to wear your TEAM ROTARY gear and take pictures for Karen.