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Jacqueline leading the meeting 
Guest speaker Richard Auhll
Nov 14, 2018
USC School of Engineering - projects in Kenya & India
Nov 28, 2018
Peace and Education
Dec 05, 2018
Santa Barbara Airport - expansion of airport services and business growth along Hollister Avenue
Dec 19, 2018
Goleta Sanitary District - latetest on water reclamation efforts and innovations
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November 14
Pledge & Invocation
Micheel, Bruce
Speaker Procurement
Engstrom, John
November 21
No Meeting - in observance of Thanksgiving
November 28
Pledge & Invocation
Oplinger, Ken
Speaker Procurement
Bigelow, Timothy
November 30
Special Event - Evening Social at University Club 4:30-6:30p
December 5
Pledge & Invocation
Porter, Jordan
Speaker Procurement
George, Donald
December 12
Special Event - Holiday Party
December 19
Pledge & Invocation
Young, Steven
Speaker Procurement
George, Donald
December 26
No Meeting - in observance of the Holidays
January 2
No Meeting - in observance of New Year's holiday
January 9
Pledge & Invocation
Holehouse, John
Speaker Procurement
Oplinger, Ken
January 16
Pledge & Invocation
Bergquist, Michael
Speaker Procurement
Oplinger, Ken
January 23
Pledge & Invocation
Boneck, Dennis
Speaker Procurement
Oplinger, Ken
November 7, 2018 Meeting
Presiding: SB North Rotary President Jacqueline Duran
Reporter: Tori Perez
Pledge and Invocation: Tom Jacobs
Song Leader and Song:  Blas Garza,  “God Bless America”
Visiting Rotarians:                ​
Emily Nabakooza, Rotary Peace Fellow (Uganda; University of Queensland, Australia)
Rotary Guests:                     
Carol Moore (guest of Jacqueline Duran)
Martha, Anna, Kay, Jim (guests of Richard Auhll, our guest speaker)

Mark Gallo - Rise Against Hunger, our Rotary Group of 8 service project, looking for volunteers to help this Saturday (11/10) from 10am to 1pm at Direct Relief. At the event participants will be packing meals to kids overseas. See/contact Mark for more details. You can also sign up by going to the following website: (
Cathy Calabro - The Santa Barbara Master Chorale will be playing classical music on Saturday and Sunday (11/10-11/11) from 2 to 5 pm at the 1st Presbyterian Church on Constance. $20 entry fee.
President announcements:
The Chili Cookoff was a success. Tim Hardy took first place and Barry took second.
Poinsettia order forms are ready to be given out. See President for more information.
Donations (MegaBucks):
Tim Bigelow (1 MB) – Traveled for two weeks; conference in Philadelphia, then visit to his sister in Long Island, as well as his son in New Hampshire.
Donna Eyman (1 MB) – For missing a few meetings.
50/50 Raffle:
No raffle this week.
Richard Auhll
Engineer, Pilot, Entrepreneur, Author
Climate Myopia: Global Warming vs. Earth’s Climate Change
During his time as a pilot, Richard bought a home in Aspen. He saw how climate change was affecting Aspen and started researching about it. He opened up his presentation with answering a few popular questions about climate change.
First, yes there is global warming. Second, yes the sea levels are rising. Third, man made Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is rising. In fact, over the last 200 years, there has been a 40% growth of man made CO2. Then he explained that pollution levels are rising but CO2 is not the problem. After answering these commonly asked questions, he started talking about the data of climate change. He explains that many scientists believe that the climate cycle today is 30 years. However, that is not correct. The actual climate cycle is the same as it’s always been--100,000 years or more. To figure out the cycle, researchers can take large amounts of ice and see what the gas and atmosphere was like at that time and compare it to what our atmosphere is like today. Richard then explains the geography of the Ice Age. Glaciers during this time went all the way down to Missouri and into the Atlantic Ocean. He also shows pictures of maps that display Florida, which was three times larger than it is now, and Central Park in New York that was covered with 1500 feet of ice. Europe’s seas were also dry land still and not water yet. And to end the data portion of his slideshow, Richard shows us a map of Santa Barbara during this time. The image shows a single island, Santa Rosae, which is now divided up and called Channel Islands. Richard goes on to tell the audience about the causes of climate change. The sun, orbital mechanics, Greenhouse Gases, and man made pollution. The Milankovitch Cycle of a circular and elliptical orbit expounds on these factors and explains the time frame and amounts of each factor that must be brought into the atmosphere.
He then ends his PowerPoint explaining the myths that most scientists believe and tell the public. The first is that man is the main reason why global warming is happening. This is not true. Natural water vapor is the primary cause, not man. Our CO2 production only makes up 4% of the problem which is not large enough to tip the scale of climate change. However, the United Nations believe this lie enough to come up with a 90-120 trillion dollar program to take out all CO2 production in the world. Overall, climate change is inevitable, but it is the Earth’s natural cycle. Richard encourages the audience to read his book to learn more about the issue and to share it with the public.
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