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July 26, 2017

Yakety Yak...led by Barry!
Guest Evie Treen discussing Kenya wells...
Cory, taking care of the weekly lunches
Aug 02, 2017
Photos and Talk from his Japan Trip
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August 2nd
Pledge Invocation Scribe
Bish, Kim
August 9
Pledge Invocation Scribe
Duran, Jacqueline
August 16
Pledge Invocation Scribe
Carlson, Derek
August 23
Pledge Invocation Scribe
Case, Craig
July 26, 2017 Meeting
  • Marica Nielson - Friends of Woni
  • Evie Treen - Friends of Woni
  • Friends of Woni donated $1,700 for our Africa Well Project
Name:                                          Event:                                      
  • Terry Straehley $1,000          In honor of his 81st birthday and Anniversary    
  • Kim Bish  1mb                      Travel Pass to Maui
  • Jordon  1mb                         Kids trip to Washington DC
  • Mark Gallo 1mb                    His Birthday on Sunday
  • Ken Oplinger 1mb                 In honor of his upcoming Wedding Anniversary
UCSB Vice Chancellor David Marshall
David Marshall gave us an overview of the University and the upcoming plans.  
He noted the quality of the students, staff, and University as a whole has increased substantially.  This year the University had over 100,000 applications.  The number of Freshmen applying to the University was 81,824 and there was a 32% admission rate.  The average GPA of incoming students was 4.08 which is up from last year.  They are getting many more applications which allow the University to choose the best applicants.  
In addition, there was a 2-1 ratio of Freshman vs Transfer Students, which is their goal.  
The University has received accolades recently.  UCSB ranked in the Top Ten Public Education Institutions in US News and World Report.  They are not ranked in the top ten party schools any longer.  
The University has put in a lot of effort into improving Isle Vista and the surrounding community.  They have successfully scaled down the Halloween Scene at UCSB as well as Deltopia.  
The University has done a great job at increasing diversity within the campus.  30% of the students are minorities.  40% are 1st generation college students.  UCSB is ranked #1 in Hispanic Serving Institution.  The New York Times ranked UCSB as #3 based on Diversity Upward Mobility.  Many of the students are socially engaged - many join the Peace Corps.  They also have a large number that are Registered Voters. 
One area of Focus for the University is on Entrepreneurship.  They connect educators, students into the real world work environment.  There is an On-Campus Incubator and they work closely with GEM as a partner in that enterprise. 
UCSB has had an ambitious Student Housing project.  They built 1,000 new beds recently and the project will be completed by the Fall. 
Charlie Munger is in the stages of donating $200 million to the University for student housing.  
One problem with all the growth is the price of tuition.  The University is pushing into the higher tuition, higher financial aid model - similar to a Private University.  But David takes seriously the fact that they are a Public University and wants to be able to serve the community.  
The Stature of the University has never been higher.  They are getting the cutting edge professors and faculty and are recruiting big time. 
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