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Blas Leading the Sing!  
Ken leading the invocation and pledge...
Guest Evie Treen
May 09, 2018
Building Strength & Maintaining Mobility
May 16, 2018
Ukrainian Delegation
May 23, 2018
Images of the Thomas Fire and Mudflow
May 30, 2018
5th Wednesday - Offsite Meeting
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Meeting Responsibilities
May 9th
Pledge Invocation Scribe
Boneck, Dennis
May 16th
Pledge Invocation Scribe
Evie Treen announced this upcoming fundraising event to benefit the water projects in Africa.
May 2, 2018 Meeting
Meeting led by Santa Barbara North Rotary President Ken Oplinger
Pledge & Invocation: Ken Oplinger                                                      Reporter: Michael Conte
Song Leader & Song: “Vive Le Rotary” led by Blas Garza
Visiting Rotarians:
Rotary Guests:
-Evie Treen (guest of Joe Lanza)
-update on Kenya water project from Evie Treen: For the past 3.5 weeks, Kenya has been having unseasonable, unceasing rain, which has been delaying construction work. Due to the high cost estimate for elevating the solar panels, the new plan is to put up 10-foot, razor-wire-capped fencing around them instead. On a related note, the dormitory construction project also on hold due to the rain.
-Evie also announced (see flyer above) an upcoming fundraising event (a Sri Lankan traditional dancing and fashion show) taking place on May 19th, with the proceeds to support the remaining funding gap for the Africa water projects.
-Joe Lanza: So far there are 4 people booked for the November (2 weeks: 11/5-11/20) trip to Kenya/Tanzania for a safari and includes visits to both Rotary water project sites. If anyone else is interested in going (base cost about $7,000/person, including airfare), please contact Joe Lanza.
-Ken Oplinger: 5 remaining vacancies for pledge/invocation/scribe for meetings between 5/16-6/20; thank you to all who stepped up to fill them!
-Tom Jacobs: Adams School annual cleanup this Saturday, May 5th, from 9am-11am. Additionally, next Thursday, May 10th is the Maker Faire from 5:30pm-7:30pm, showcasing all of the student-made projects. If you are interested in volunteering to help with either event, please contact Tom Jacobs.
-Blas Garza: 1 MB for his granddaughter, who will be graduating from The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs next week
-Roberto Najera: Making a $100 donation in honor of Patricia Juin’s mother and brother, who both recently passed away
-Marti Correa de Garcia: 1 MB after returning from a recent trip Trans-Atlantic cruise (with stops in Florida, Gibraltar, Rome, Assisi, and more)
-Father Larry Gosselin: 1MB for an upcoming pilgrimage to France, Spain and Portugal with 38 of his local parishioners
-Craig Case: 1MB for beginning filming on the 10th season of The Inn Crowd, on the 4th season of his wine show, and with 2 other shows in development
50/50 Drawing:
Barry Shulman drew a silver marble from the bag, and Father Larry Gosselin won the fruit basket.
Joel Smith
Stamina to Succeed: Investing and Incorporating
Exercise into Your Daily Life
Terry Straehley introduced our speaker today, Joel Smith, who will be speaking with the group over the next two meetings regarding exercise. Joel is a USCB graduate who became interested in healthcare technology and services for aging adults while living in New York City, where he worked building digital libraries for the City Hospitals of New York, Mount Sinai Hospital, Lenox Hill Hospital along with numerous biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. He returned to Santa Barbara to pursue a full-time career in aging-adult services, becoming a Certified Personal Trainer with specialization in senior health, strength and conditioning.  He has also pursued certification in the balance and coordination program through Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital and now volunteers with the ‘Matter of Balance’ program (a weekly class that provides education, training and exercise for aging adults to help improve their mobility). He is also the founder of Rhythmik, Inc., a health-technology company with a mission to empower aging adults to achieve a better quality of life by combining exercise, education and technology. He has launched a blog, “Let’s Talk About Aging”, to provide adults with insights on how to live better and to deal with daily living activities, and most recently a YouTube channel, “Rhythmik Health", focusing on daily exercises, health and wellness.
According to a Harvard study, regular exercise is associated with larger gray matter volume (specifically, the areas involved in memory and cognition) than those who did not exercise regularly. Physical inactivity can cause a buildup of stress factors, such as cortisol, that can have deleterious effects on the body (including most of the major organ systems, bones and joints). As we age, we need to increase our protein intake (as our gut is less efficient at processing protein over time). Additionally our muscles, neurological pathways (such as those related to balance, for instance), and endocrine system decline with age. Due to the rising costs of healthcare (average out of pocket costs) as you age, investing in exercise on a daily basis can help reduce these costs, and may be able to lower costs by up to 80%, according to a study by Johns Hopkins.
A Pilates ring can be used at home (or even in the office) for both upper and lower body exercises. Resistance bands can also be used in this way. Tension bands are very versatile and can also be used for a wide array of upper as well as lower body exercises. Joel was able to show the group how these 3 pieces of equipment work and how easy they are to use. As a guide, he usually performs 3-4 sets of 10-15 repetitions, but recommends setting a general goal for performing repetitions up to the point of feeling muscle fatigue (but not injury) and then adding 1-2 more repetitions if you can. Joel has just recently launched a YouTube channel which will demonstrate many of these movements. Traditional calisthenics (push ups, jumping jacks, jump rope) are just as good as resistance band work, as long as you carry through the full movement of the exercise (no cutting corners). For beginners, start with the Pilates ring and/or resistance bands. In regards to helping build up your balance, one easy way to help train proprioception (balance sensors) is to take your shoes off before you start to do some movement work to give the skin of your feet good contact with the floor.
The Rotarians in the audience had great questions for our speaker and we all learned quite a bit. Part 2 of Joel’s presentation comes next week. Stay tuned!
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