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President Duran helming the meeting
Cathy Leading the Sing!  
Tim leading the invocation and pledge
Dec 05, 2018
Santa Barbara Airport - expansion of airport services and business growth along Hollister Avenue
Dec 19, 2018
Goleta Sanitary District - latetest on water reclamation efforts and innovations
Jan 09, 2019
Santa Barbara School of Squash
Jan 16, 2019
Peace and Education
Jan 23, 2019
Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation
Jan 23, 2019
Report on Adams School & presentation of Adams Family Recognition Award
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Meeting Responsibilities
December 12
Special Event - Holiday Party 5-8pm at Pilgrim Terrace
December 19
Pledge & Invocation
Young, Steven
Speaker Procurement
George, Donald
December 26
No Meeting - in observance of the Holidays
January 2
No Meeting - in observance of New Year's holiday
January 9
Pledge & Invocation
Holehouse, John
Speaker Procurement
Oplinger, Ken
January 16
Pledge & Invocation
Bergquist, Michael
Speaker Procurement
Duran, Jacqueline
January 23
Pledge & Invocation
Boneck, Dennis
Speaker Procurement
Duran, Jacqueline
January 30
Special Event - Architectural Foundation SB Tour
February 6
Pledge & Invocation
Carlson, Derek
Speaker Procurement
Jacobs, Thomas
February 13
Pledge & Invocation
Case, Craig
Speaker Procurement
Jacobs, Thomas
February 20
Pledge & Invocation
Dobbs, O.D., Joe W.
Speaker Procurement
Garza, Jr., Blas
February 27
Pledge & Invocation
Garza, Jr., Blas
Speaker Procurement
Garza, Jr., Blas
December 5, 2018 Meeting
Presiding: President Jacqueline Duran
Reporter: Tori Perez
Pledge and Invocation: Tim Bigelow
Song Leader and Song: Cathy Calabro; “Joy to the World”
Visiting Rotarians
Rotary Guests:
-Cathy Calabro — Announced she will be singing with the Santa Barbara Master Chorale during their “Santa Barbara Sings!” concert at the Lobero Theater on Sunday, 12/16 at 3pm. The concert is free, but you need to obtain a ticket to get in (website:
-Terry Straehley and Dennis Waid — Announced that they have been working with kids at Adam’s School making laser-cut LED lamps using coding software (and brought in an example for us to see—see photos of the project in the photo album).
-Michael Conte — Walt Stephens is taking his annual trip down to Pasadena (via AirBus) on Saturday 12/22 to help decorate the Rotary Rose Bowl Float. There are snacks and fellowship on the trip. The AirBus leaves at 7:00 AM. For more information or to contact Walt at (805) 455-6938, (805) 962-2828 or
-Tom Jacobs and Dennis Waid — They have been talking with the principal, Kelly Fresch, at Adam’s School and it is looking like the previously discussed pedestrian walkway project will not be moving forward. They now need to figure out how to utilize the money specifically for pedestrian safety. They also have been talking to Kelly about getting a plaque at the school. On January 23rd Kelly will be giving and update at the Rotary meeting.
President's Announcements:
-Thank you to all of those who ordered and helped deliver poinsettias!
Total Sales: $5,396.19
Cost: $2,517.00
Proceeds: $2,879.18

-SB North Holiday Party will be on Wednesday, December 12th, from 5-8pm at Pilgrim Terrace (see email announcement from President Duran for details). Please bring a silent auction item worth at least $50, or else you will incur a $50 charge (as the proceeds will benefit our Rotary scholarship fund). The cost for the dinner will be $30/person.
-Our SB North Rotary Club has a surplus in our coffers. It is proposed that these funds will be dispersed as grants. There will be a time for members to introduce new projects to be recipients of these grants at the upcoming Board Meeting on December 19th (to be held after the regular Rotary meeting that day).
-Congratulations to Terry Straehley, who joined the SB North Rotary Club on December 1, 1996.
-Congratulations to Steve Young, who joined the SB North Rotary Club on December 11, 2009.
Donations (MegaBucks):
Dennis Waid (1MB) - 2 ½ week trip to North Carolina.
Dennis Boneck (1MB) - Took a trip with wife and friends from Modesto, CA to Cabo San Lucas.
Tom Jacobs (1MB) - Wife’s appearance in the “100 Grand Show” (see attached flyer for details).
Steve Young (1MB) – For recent travel.
50/50 Raffle:
John Holehouse drew a silver marble, and Don George won the gift basket!
Flyer announcing art show featuring work by Cass Ensberg,
wife of Tom Jacobs (front of flyer).
Flyer announcing art show featuring work by Cass Ensberg,
wife of Tom Jacobs (back of flyer).
Deanna Zachrisson
Business Development Manager, Santa Barbara Airport
History: There was likely a dirt airstrip during the 1910’s, but the first air service started happening in the early 1920’s. Airport manufacturing started happening in the early 1930’s in the northeast corners of the airport property. These hangers are still standing today and qualify as a historic landmark. Commercial service did exist before United Airlines but they were the first big commercial carrier in 1936. United Airlines actually built the original passenger terminal in 1941. Airports were being built rapidly during that time because of the war. During that time period, Santa Barbara Airport became part of the military as a Marine Corp air station. All 950 acres of it were operated as such. Many surrounding streets are named after World War II aviators. After the war it was deeded to the city of Santa Barbara by the War Assets Administration. It was annexed to the City of Santa Barbara to make it contiguous with the city in 1961. In the 1950’s and 1960’s airport manufacturing repair was happening more and The Guppy was manufactured at the Santa Barbara Airport. The standard aircraft for the airfield is up to a 737, but the runway can land larger planes (such as a 747), but they need to be light and must basically be landing and taking off again on fumes. September 11, 2001 was a game changer for all airports that created TSA and screening machines. That affected Santa Barbara Airport as it is small and not easy to expand. The airport was so outdated at that time that when you got past security, there were no more restrooms or concession stands. Consolidation of airlines also affected the Santa Barbara Airport when the Great Recession hit. Smaller airports, like SB, struggled to get many airlines to fly there. The new terminal opened in 2011. It was one of the few airports that opened with the correct requirements and did not jury-rig anything.
Today: Airlines and low cost carriers fly in and out of the SB Airport. Today’s terminal includes a spacious TSA screening area, four* gates (although 3 and 4 are combined, 3 is not even used since there was not enough money at the time to build a separate jet bridge), and modern IT infrastructure. The jet bridge that was not created at gate 3 is desperately needed. They cost about $1 million each and would fulfill the needs of the planned new flights coming soon. Gate 5 is used for passengers to walk outside and walk a ramp into the plane. Back in January 2007, there were 854,389 passengers that year. In 2018 747,203 is the projected number for passengers. The number is sure to grow over the years with new flights going to Las Vegas, Chicago, as well as possibly Sacramento and Canada.
Specs: The Airport generates lots of jobs and investments. They have a specific form of government, law enforcement, and fire/rescue. The airport is run by an enterprise fund. Deanna describes it as a “closed circle”. They do not receive any money from the city. They are required by federal law to be self-sustaining. The Airport pays the City of Santa Barbara for the services they provide the airport like legal support and resources. 1,400 jobs are generated from the airport. UCSB did a study that showed the Airport’s annual economic benefit was about $205 million. The Airport is a part of something larger than the city - the National Transportation System. It is regulated heavily by the Federal Aviation Administration and the TSA. This means a lot of decisions are not made at local level. The federal government dictates how they operate, the city just nods and says “OK”. The Airport is the 13th largest airport in California. The Airport makes money from commercial airlines by selling them fuel and collecting airport landing fees. Concessions don’t make a lot of money, but rental cars do make money. The Airport owns a lot of commercial industrial properties, which is unusual for an Airport. Big Brand Tire, Twin Lakes Golf Course, and High Sierra Grill are all properties on Airport land. A huge problem with the airport in Santa Barbara is passenger leakage, which is when someone goes to another airport instead of their city’s airport to travel, and is a huge part of how the Airport is gaining new flights and airlines. For example, 95,000 citizens traveled to LAX to go to Las Vegas since Santa Barbara did not have a flight. Contour Airlines saw this and has accepted to travel from Santa Barbara to Las Vegas!
Overall, the Santa Barbara Airport is heading towards a bright future and is trying their best to fulfill all the wants and needs of citizens in the Santa Barbara area!
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