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February 7, 2018

Moment of Silence for Dwayne Gabrielson
Joe Dobbs with the book donation..
Feb 14, 2018
Community Education provided by SBRCC
Feb 21, 2018
Global Grant Project
Feb 28, 2018
Life in Antarctica and Polar Bears
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Meeting Responsibilities
February 14th
Pledge Invocation Scribe
Micheel, Bruce
February 21st
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Lanza, Joseph
February 28th
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Muzinich, Peter
March 7th
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Najera, Roberto
Date:   February 7, 2018
Reporter:  Derek Carlson
Visiting Rotarians:     None
Rotary Guests:                       Guest Of:                    Organization:
Gabriella Forester      Penny Paine                New Beginnings
Ariel O’Hara                Penny Paine                New Beginnings
Marty Garcia – Nominations for the 2/21/18 Election of Officers :
Jacqueline Duran       President
Tin Hardy                    Treasurer
Tim Bigelow                Secretary/President Elect
Marty Garcia – Presenting the slate of Honorary Members:
            Kathy Escobar
            Timothy Garrett
            Dale Morgan
            Bob Uphoff
            Carl Schlothauer
            Stanley Weinstein
Gabriella Forster and Ariel O’Hara from New Beginnings came to our meeting to accept a donation from the John Paine fund and to share how Johns’ legacy lives on through their service to veterans, the homeless and others in need.
Blas Garza       1MB    For his Grandsons audition with the Manhattan School of Jazz
Gill Garcia       1MB    For the help of Tim in facilitating our Ukraine visitors
John Engstrom 1 MB  For Dwayne Gabrielson for finishing strong
Jace Turner – Santa Barbara Public Library
Jace, who holds a library degree from the University of Indiana, shared with us today the many programs and collaborations that the library offers to all of our community members free of charge.   These programs include:
  • The Wilderness Hiking Speaker Series hosted every month.
  • The Autism Speaker and Discussion Series
  • A Sensory Storytime for autistic children.
  • An Authors series offered every month.
  • The Ben Franklin Series which explores the 13 virtues.
  • A Dyslexia Dialogue discussing the raising of children with Dyslexia.
  • The Poet Laureate series.
  • A UCCE Mater Gardeners Club series.
  • Makerspace Mondays where children utilize 3D printers, virtual equipment and computers.
  • A Tour De Tech Series teaching programing and robotics.
  • A Coding Lab.
  • Computer skill classes.
  • Book Clubs for interests ranging from crime, fiction, history and more.
  • A Teen Trivia Night
  • There is mobile device drop in assistance and computer training.
  • They check out free Hotspots for internet access.
  • They have free online subscriptions to The New York Times.
  • You can also reserve a librarian for personal assistance in 30 minute appointments.
  •  They also provide the SBPL Works Program that provides employment skills including interview training, resume building and job seeking skills.
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