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September 27, 2017

Blas Leading the Sing!  
Joe Dobbs leading the invocation and pledge..
Michael Conte Inducted as a New Rotarian
Oct 04, 2017
Oct 11, 2017
Oct 18, 2017
Oct 25, 2017
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Meeting Responsibilities
October 4th
Pledge Invocation Scribe
Duran, Jacqueline
October 11th
Pledge Invocation Scribe
Engstrom, John
October 18th
Pledge Invocation Scribe
Eyman, Donna
October 25th
Pledge Invocation Scribe
Gabriel, D.D.S., Bill
Rotary Club of Santa Barbara North- September 27, 2017

Presiding:  President Ken Oplinger

Song:  “When Rotarians Come Marching In”- leader Blas Garza   

Reporter, pledge to the flag & invocation- Joe Dobbs

Visiting Rotarians:  none

Rotary Guests:  Evie Treen- Kenya water project; Patrick Swymer- assistant to Mr. Hal Conklin

 Induction of Dr. Michael Conte by member Mark Gallo.  Mike is a new resident and is a Doctor of Osteopathy (D.O.) and his wife is a grad student at UCSB.

Evie Treen reported that the well in Kenya was complete.  They found water at 210 feet.  Bids are out for solar panels for the needed project. 

Mark Gallo reported on the Tanzania water project and is working on the R. I. Grant.  This is in cooperation with the Santa Barbara Greek temple and our Rotary Club.  Mark advised us that the costs will be cheaper for the wells proposed due to drilling on church property.  The money saved is to fund 15 additional wells.   Mark will travel to Tanzania in two weeks to inspect other completed wells, also teaching classes on hygiene and viewing the lap top computers donated from RCSBN and the Greek Church to the schools.

Mega Bucks:
Fred Allen & Dennis Boneck contributed 1 mega buck each for no one in the audience kneeling during the salute to the flag.

Donna Eyman contributed 1 mega buck for the efforts Mark Gallo is making on the Tanzania water project.
Former Mayor and Councilman for the city of Santa Barbara Hal Conklin
Tim Bigelow introduced our speaker, former Mayor and Councilman for the city of Santa Barbara Hal Conklin.  He worked for Southern California Edison for several years plus serving on many local non-profit organizations.   Mr. Conklin is a candidate for mayor in the up coming election.  One of the non-profits was helping people in Ethopia .  They helped people get out of the relocation camps.  Many of these parents gave their children as sex slaves to support the family.  The organization hired them to plant trees- 100 million were planted in 2005.  Today they plant 100,000 trees per day and employ 300,000 people. 
Prior to the Santa Barbara earthquake in 1925, Pearl Chase and others laid out a plan to redesign the downtown city of Santa Barbara.  After the earthquake these plans were ready to design the city as it is today.  The other notable year was in 1969 with the oil spill in the waters off our coast.  Citizens were willing to help along with hundreds from the non- profit organizations. The third thing Mr. Conklin pointed out was the selection and development of Paseo Nuevo in 1984-1987. This was a collaborative effort by the local citizens and community leaders and not a dictum from the City Council.   Prior to that, a bond to build the shopping center on Victoria and State Street, was proposed by the City Council and was soundly defeated.  Mr. Conklin’s message was, “involve the citizens to make these important decisions”.  That is why he is running for mayor again, “I am a good facilitator.
Raffle:  money prize- Guy de Mangeon was unable to draw the red marble.
              Fruit/vegetable box- guest- Patrick Swymer
Next meeting:  October 4th- Ali Bauerlein- Inogen Corporation
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