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Ken helming his final meeting as president.
Blas Leading the Sing!  
Father Larry leading the invocation.
Jun 20, 2018
Jun 27, 2018
we are dark for Step Down evening meeting at Pilgrim Terrace
Jul 04, 2018
we are dark for Independence Day holiday
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Meeting Responsibilities
June 20
Jacobs, Thomas
June 27
No Meeting - we are dark for Step-Down evening meeting
July 4
No Meeting - we are dark for Independence Day
July 11
June 13, 2017 Meeting
Reporter: Timothy Bigelow
Pledge:  Ken Oplinger
Invocation: Father Larry
Song Leader:  Blas Garza
Cathy Calabro is visiting the club to potentially join
  • Ken’s Step Down Dinner is at 5:30 on June 27 at Pilgrim Terrace
  • John Reed Passed away Friday
  • Jo Ann Caines Passed Away – her service will be on June 16th at the La Cumbre Junior High School
  • Leo Robidoux passed away
  • We are Dark June 27 and July 4th
  • The Scholarship Foundation Awarded $8.3 Million this year
  • Guy Mangeon was recognized as the ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’!
  • Terry – 1 mb as he is going on a Baltic Cruise
  • Terry – sent in $1,000 to the Foundation and would like to use the money to a fund in honor of JoAnn Caines.It was also in honor of his 82nd Birthday and his wedding anniversary.
  • John Holehouse – 1 mb for a Trip to England
  • John Holehouse – 1 mb in honor of John Reed
  • Donna – 1 mb in honor of Guy and his recognition and award
  • Derek – 1 mb as he will go on a Hawaii Trip
  • Mike Conte – 1 mb in honor of JoAnn Caines
  • Jacqueline – 1 mb in honor of JoAnn Caines
Nick Frankle, Past District Governor 5240
Rotary Peacebuilder Clubs
Marti introduced Nick Frankle as the Program Speaker. Nick is the Past District Governor of District 5240. He is a member of the Sunrise Club of Westlake Village.
Nick discussed the role of Rotarians in making and sustaining peace in the world.  He discussed having a Peace Committee at our Club.  Timothy Bigelow and Father Larry stepped up to get the Committee started at the Rotary Club of Santa Barbara North.  The Rotary District 5240 website has lots of information on starting a committee and having Peace Building events and grants. 
The cost of violence is $14.3 trillion worldwide.  That is 12.6% of World GDP.  Rotary International was one of the founding members of the United Nations and were present during the signing of the convention. 
Rotary International offers Grants for Peace and Conflict Resolution.   The goal is to create positive change and a Global Peace Building Force. 
District 5240 gave $25,000 towards Peace Building this last year. 
Areas of Focus for Peace and Conflict Resolution include:
  • Food
  • Water
  • Shelter
  • Health care
  • Literacy
  • Jobs
  • Human service
What our club needs to do to start a committee is:
  1. Appoint and Officer to Head up Committee (Tim and Father Larry)
  2. Fill out the Form on District 5240 Website
  3. Have Programs on Peace and Conflict Resolution
  4. Get a Banner!
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