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January 24, 2018

Blas Leading the Sing!  
Joe leading the invocation and pledge..
Dwayne introducing the Speaker ..
Jan 31, 2018
Meet at La Cumbre Junior High School for lunch and tour
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February 7th
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Lisi, Jim
February 14th
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Micheel, Bruce
February 21st
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February 28th
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Muzinich, Peter
Rotary Newsletter Information:             Date:  January 24, 2018
Presiding:  Jacqueline Duran presiding for President Ken Oplinger
Reporter:  Joe Lanza
Pledge and Invocation:  Joe Lanza
Song Leader and Song:  Blas Garza  “When Rotary Goes Marching In”
Visiting Rotarians:                    Name:                                      Club:
Rotary Guests:
Jackie Duran:    Next week (1/31/18) our Club will meet at La Cumbre Junior High School instead of at Harry’s.  The address is 2255 Modoc Road, corner of Portesuello.
Donations (MegaBucks):
Name:                                      Event                                       Donation
Roberta Najera              45th wedding anniversary                       2MB
Previous Mega-Bucks not reported:
Mega Bucks: Dwayne G. celebrated 65th Birthday in Turlock with family. Also to acknowledge that he has beaten his cancer prognosis by ten years. He is very thankful for all the prayers. He reminded us to live every day fully.
Perk D. 1 MB for no longer living on San Leandro in Montecito, thus out of harms way with the flood.
Tim Bigelow 1 MB to acknowledge his election to PEE 2020
Marti: 1 MB to also acknowledge Tim and his election.
Dani Tervo-Shiffman, the Fitness Coordinator at Samarkand Retirement Community.
Dani indicated that there are new developments in the fitness industry, especially with regard to older people.  New research indicates that new brain cells are being produced all the time, even in older people.
There are many ways to stay fit. They key is to find what works for you.  People think they can’t improve their fitness when they get older, but no matter old you are, you can always get stronger.  Older adults get more benefit from High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) than younger people.
Strength training is also very important for older people.  Power training (adding velocity to the movements) is even more effective and should be included with strength training.  This training helps to prevent falls and also speeds up the recovery from a fall.
We did several exercises at our tables, including several types of moving in place, holding and moving chopsticks around with the help of a partner using only one finger, and tossing beanbags while catching a return beanbag with a specified hand (left or right).
(See Dani’s 4 page handout attached.)
Roberto’s proxy, Patricia, won both raffles but drew a white marble.
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