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August 9, 2017

Blas Leading the Sing!  
Jacquline leading the invocation and pledge..
Jim Pyler from Boy Scouts of Santa Barbara
Sep 06, 2017
Deckers Chairman, now running for Mayor of Santa Barbara
Sep 13, 2017
How to stay healthy for the long run
Sep 20, 2017
New Principal of Adams School
Sep 27, 2017
CASA of Santa Barbara County
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Meeting Responsibilities
August 16
Pledge Invocation Scribe
Carlson, Derek
August 23
Pledge Invocation Scribe
Case, Craig
DARK August 30th
Pledge Invocation Scribe
September 6th
Pledge Invocation Scribe
Correa de Garcia, Marti
August 9, 2017 Meeting
Reporter: Jacqueline Duran           

Visiting Rotarians: N/A
Rotary Guests:                  Name: Jim Pyler from Boy Club    Guest of: N/A
  • Joe Dobbs requested dues for Foundation for those who have not done it yet.
  • September 20th, the new Principal of Adams will visit our club.
  • Gil Garcia – inviting the club to give a presentation to Sister Cities International, getting Rotary involved with Sister Cities.
  • Joseph Lanza- funds are going out now for drilling in September for the Kenya water project.
  • August 30th will be dark, no Rotary meeting.
  1. Blas Garza- back from a 2 week vacation
  2. Terry Straehley- Glacier Park trip
  3. Guy DeMangeon-Birthday, Puerto Vallarta and Guadalajara trip
  4. Jim Lisi-Article, 2704 Proposed Regulation by Jim Lisi, in the top five most popular articles
  5. John Holeouse –Solar eclipse trip
  6. Ken Oplinger- MB for Jacqueline stepping in for meeting last week.
Ken Oplinger - Canada and the United States Economic Integration
Program: Ken Oplinger on Canada and the United States Economic Integration.

Ken discussed the relationship of Canada and the US before 9/11.  There were no border walls in many areas along Canada boder.  For example, a Vermont neighborhood only had a line drawn on the ground to show the US and the Canada side.  Some other areas only had trees as a border. 

After 9/11, Canada became penny haters.  However, Canada is the number one trade partner with the US.  153,000 jobs in Washington depend on Canada trade.  Canadians account for $24 million a year in sales tax generation in Wharton County alone.  Canadians consume daily products from the US such as dairy.  
They also contribute to travel revenues at US airports.  Canada also has a strong relationship with China.
Canada and the US have shown many examples of integrated travel and government.  For example, transportation for border crossing and rail study. 
Another example is the TV industry in the US as most of the Kids shows in the US are from Canada.  The relationship is improving after 9/11 as there was a high level of protectionism in border crossing. 
Our proximity will always reinforce our Integration and keep the relationship positive.  
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