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November 29, 2017

Blas Leading the Sing!  
Guest Jill Zachary picking the lucky winner..
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Dec 06, 2017
Foreign Service Today
Dec 13, 2017
India Trip
Dec 20, 2017
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December 6th
Pledge Invocation Scribe
George, Donald
December 13th
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Gosselin OFMF, Father Larry
January 3rd
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January 10th
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Holehouse, John
Rotary Meeting of November 29, 2017
Presiding:                                 Ken Oplinger
Pledge of Allegiance:                Blas Garza
Invocation;                               Blas Garza
Song: (America the Beautiful) Blas Garza
Bulletin Scribe:                         Blas Garza
Visiting Rotarians:                  Walt Stephens, Goleta Rotary
Guests:                                      Ed Andrade (Mark Gallo), Alice Lanza  (Joe Lanza),    Karin Padilla(Jacqueline Duran)
Walt Stephens announced that once again he will be organizing a local busload of Rotarians on Saturday, Dec. 30 to help in decorating the Rotary Float for the Rose Parade.  Cost is relatively cheap (about $38) which includes airbus, light breakfast and work all day in decorating the float.  Return to Santa Barbara will be about 7:00 p.m.
Donna Eymen thanked Rotary members for helping to distribute the poinsettias.  Our sales this year were lower ($3,800) than last year ($4,800). 
President Ken reported that the annual Holiday Party will take place on Wednesday, December 20 from 6:00 p.m. at Opel Restaurant on State St.  Members are required to make a gift donation of $50 or the equivalent in gift form that will be auctioned off at the dinner event.  Members will be asked to sign up by email.
Mega Bucks:       
Jordan Porter reported that he had to move out of his office three weeks sooner than expected when his partner unexpectedly reported that he was retiring.  In a hurried move, Jordan packed up his files and moved to 235 E. Carrillo.  1 mb
Bruce Micheel’s conscience bothered him that he could not complete his promise to Donna to help deliver poinsettias.  His excuse was that he had a shoulder operation. 1 mb
Jim Lisi reported that he has made a lateral move, doing the same type of work, but for a different company.  1 mb
Jacqueline Duran reported that she spent the Thanksgiving Holiday in New York City, seeing sights and shows. 1 mb
Blas Garza asked for a travel permit in order to go to Puerto Vallarta for the next 10 days.  1 mb
Past president Marti Correa de Garcia added her megabuck to go on the same trip. 1 mb
Jill Zachary, Director of Parks and Recreation speaks on the topic of renovations to the Cabrillo Pavilion.
Jill Zachary began her talk by providing a history of the city’s Cabrillo Pavilion.  The land on East Beach was allocated in 1899 and planning for a recreation building began in 1920.  Money was needed for the construction, and Citizen David Gray made the initial contribution for a building.  The building was finally ready for public use in 1927.  It included a bottom floor dedicated to water sports, with showers, lockers and an outside salt water wading pool and fitness areas and a second floor dedicated to public events such as meetings and dances. During WWII the building was converted to military use and this lasted until 1947.
            Because the building is beginning to show its age, plans for a renovation began in 2011 and City Council allocated 13 million for initial restoration.  Architects for the building were from the firm of KDB.  Eighty percent of office space will be moved elsewhere in order to make room for present needed improvements.
            Renovations will include upgraded building systems and seismic retrofitting and outdoor lighting, modern locker rooms and showers, indoor elevator, casual beachfront restaurant with indoor and outdoor dining plus a modern catering kitchen.  On the ocean side of the building, there will be a wide boardwalk for the public.
            It is expected that the opening of the renovated building will be May 2019.  Note that the building will not be in use during the summer of 2018.  The expected total cost is approximately 15 million and it is anticipated that in order to meet that cost, four million still needs to be raised.
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