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June 21, 2017

Blas Leading the Sing!  Ohh Rotary ..
Enjoying the Lunch...
Perk gave the Invocation and Pledge!
June 21, 2017 
  • Maria Garcia
  • Ken Luper
  • Grady Nalley
  • Africa Well Project - we are getting the legal papers ready.  They want the same geologist as before and we need to fly him out there.  At this time getting the funding lined up is most important. 
  • Step Down Dinner - Friday June 30th 5:30, at Guy and Patricia's house at 
    4085 Cuervo Ave. Hope Ranch.  Please Uber or park on the street.
  • We are Dark next Wednesday!
  • Channel Island Camera Club has a show in Faulkner Gallery- Opening reception on July 6th 4-7pm.  Some of Terry's work will be in the show. 
  • Dennis Wade - Gave 1 mb for spending two weeks in the Carolina's
  • Mike Berquist - Gave 1 mb for spending three weeks in Spain
  • Terry Straehley - Gave 1 mb for spending two weeks in New England
  • Donna Eyman - Gave 2 mb. one for having a boat trip for disabled vets, and one for Marti's last meeting - Great Job Marti!
  • Tim Hardy - gave 1 mb ...Marti called him out 
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The History of San Buenaventura...through the eyes of Ken Luper.
Ken gave a very fun and well-done version of his history of Ventura.  
History Facts....or Hysterical Facts!  You choose!!
History included the Chumash Indians that lived between both Santa Barbara and Ventura Missions.  
Point Magu and Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo - the Land of Everlasting Summer!!  ..a long lost brother of Guy!  We saw the picture that proved it. The point was a missile test center, a center of excellence from '71-'85 but then downsized. 
San Nicolas Island - 60 miles from Ventura was a potential site for testing of the hydrogen bomb!  
1782 The Misson of San Buenaventura was founded.  This was the 9th Mission in California.  Santa Barbara was the 10th Mission. 
Olivas Park - and the water!  Rancho San Miguel was 4700 acres, and this is where Ventura sits now.  The St. Francis Dam broke and flooded land downstream in 1969. Ken owned the food facilities on a 36 hole Golf Course that was flooded and covered in mud.  
But then he opened Kenny's and did very well. 
In 1957 there were 13 Trees, but all were chopped down but two of them.  Members of our club were the ones that did the dirty deed!!  We saw the photos that proved it!
Ventura is the Poinsettia City.  The plant was introduced in 1825.  Someone has been stealing them from the center of town every year...and it turned out to be our own Donna Eyman!  That was where she was getting our Poinsettias!  
In WWII there was an attack on Santa Barbara by a Japanese Sub manned by Kozo Nishino.  They lobbed 5 shells onto the beach of Goleta.  
Community Development - we reviewed a few housing developments of Ken including one on the former site of the Brander Night Club - the honky-tonk joint everyone went to.  There are now 15 houses on that site.  And Loops Restaurant's were developed up and down the coast.  There were 13 locations at one time.  
We have a longstanding tradition.....
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