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August 2, 2017

South of the Boarder - led by Blas
Mike reviewing the Foundation meeting..
Guest Mike Bieza 
Meeting Responsibilities
August 9
Pledge Invocation Scribe
Duran, Jacqueline
August 16
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Carlson, Derek
August 23
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Case, Craig
August 30th
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Bish, Kim
Presiding:  Jacqueline Duran presiding for President Ken Oplinger
Reporter:  Joe Lanza
Pledge and Invocation:  Joe Lanza
Song Leader and Song:  Blas Garza  “South Of The Border”
Visiting Rotarians:       Name:                                      Club:
                                    Mike Bieza                               Santa Barbara Downtown
Mike’s club is hosting a Fiesta parade-watching event at his bank, Pacific Premier Bank, on Friday, 8/4, at 12:30 pm.  Admission is $30.  Please RSVP if you are interested.  
Rotary Guests:
            Name:                                      Guest (& wife) of:
            Alice Sykes                               Joe Lanza
Joe Dobbs:        The Rotary Club of Santa Barbara North Charitable Foundation (RCSBNCF) is accepting new memberships.  All club members are encouraged to join.  Cost is $10 per member.  Get the membership application form from Joe, fill it out and return it to him.

Mike Bergquist:  The RCSBNCF had its semiannual grant allocation meeting on 7/27/17.  A total of over $17,000 was awarded to 5 different nonprofits, including $13,125 to The Rotary Foundation to fund our club’s global grant to drill a water well in Kyaani, Kenya.

Donna Eyman: Mobile homes are being organized to assist the United Boys & Girls Clubs to continue its summer camp program after the fire at Camp Whittier.
Donations (MegaBucks):
Name:                                      Event                                                               
Steve Young    1 mb             Weekend in New York City to see his son and daughter-in-law after his son’s off-Broadway play was extended for 6 more weeks
Terry Straehley had a birthday so we sang Happy Birthday to him.
Our own Mark Gallo provided a pictorial tour of Japan after recently returning from a two week trip there with his wife, Kathy.  They began in Tokyo for several days, then traveled by train to Kyoto and Takeyama.
Tokyo highlights:
They visited the Sukiji fish market, a 100 year old institution that is embroiled in controversy at the moment over being moved to accommodate a new road for the 2020 Olympics.  The visited some of the upscale department stores, and sampled some very expensive vegetables and fruits.
Kyoto highlights:
Kyoto is surrounded by hills and rivers and is famous for its shrines and temples.
The visited a bamboo forest and some beautiful gardens on the Sagano walk.
People in this area have focused on preserving the historical structures and gardens.
Takeyama highlights:
This city is in the Japanese Alps, and there was still snow in July.
It is known for its festivals.
There was lots of water around, with rivers running through the middle of town.
While out walking, Mark saw signs warning about bears and another dangerous creature, but he didn’t see any.
They ate raw duck breast, Wagu beef, Hida beef buns, corn fritter and tofu dishes, and lots of sashimi.
They visited the Showa Museum with 20th century artifacts.
A lot of history was preserved in this beautiful area.
Overall impressions:
The cities in Japan are very clean with no litter or graffiti.
The people are very gracious and courteous, and even strangers go out of their way to assist when they see a problem.
They take pride in the small details of their daily lives, their work, their art, etc.
There is an emphasis on design in everything, (lighting, architecture, etc.)
There is not much furniture in the interiors of buildings.
Tipping is normally not done.
Non-Japanese food was readily available everywhere they went.
Thanks Mark for a great show!
Mike Bieza won both raffles but drew a white marble.
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