At our first meeting of the term I introduced a new program called Rotary de Tolosa Fellowships.  Fellowships are small gatherings of club members who share a common passion.  For example, our Pilots in the club might be interested in the Flying Rotarians Fellowship.  Our Golfers might enjoy the Golfing Rotarians.  Other interests might include;  Fishing, Hiking, Beer, Wine Tasting, Int'l Cruisine for the cooks, Cycling, RV'ing.  I'll be handing out a sign up sheet at the next meeting to get a feeling on what hobbies interest you.  After that we'll enlist the help of one member to organize one event in the year where other Rotarians and their spouses/significant others can join in.  Fellowships give members a chance to get together in small groups and just do something fun.  We also hope spouses/significant others will join in to give them a chance to meet other Rotarians on a smaller scale.  Our District Theme is to "Enjoy Rotary" and that is what Fellowships are all about.