San Luis Obispo de Tolosa
Kohl's Department Store
205 Madonna Road
San Luis Obispo, CA  93401
United States of America

Child Spree is our annual event that gives all participants immediate spirit of giving! Our club members donate funds and time each year to make this event as magicial as it is. Rotarians and guest volunteers will be matched up the morning of the shopping event with local grade school children who have been identified as belonging to low income families.  Each child will have a list of items and sizes of apparel that they need, including underwear, shoes, jackets, pants and dresses. Often we have found this is the first time the children have had the opportunity to own new clothing.

We meet the children and their families bright and early at Kohl's. Each child is sent to shop with a Rotarian or volunteer and there is much happiness and some joyful chaos as we search to find just the right outfit to make the children happy and warm. After the shopping is complete (some are faster shoppers than others), we will be transported via a Ride-On bus to Embassy Suites for an amazing breakfast donated by Embassy Suites. Generally there are parents and siblings waiting for the shoppers at Embassy Suites and all are invited to enjoy the breakfast. Santa Claus makes a special visit and photos are taken, framed and given to the children. This is a day that our club members often say is their favorite Rotary moment. This event takes lots of volunteer shoppers to make it successful. It takes just one morning out of the year to make it a very special day for a lot of deserving children and their families. I hope you all register because I'd hate for you to miss out on the magic that is Child Spree!

Thank you for spreading the joy of giving!