Understanding Routes of Dundas

From left to right Rotarians Gary Caldwell (Routes representative), Ross Cruikshank, Ian Donnelly
Tuesday, February 14th, Rotarian Gary Caldwell thanked the Rotary Club of Dundas for its on-going support of the Centre since 2000. Gary spoke of the history of Routes in Dundas beginning in the early 1990's. There are currently 4000 youth visiting the Centre at the Armories on a regular basis. The current centre offers programs for youth age 8 to 19. The youth of today need a place to drop in, feel safe, engage with others like themselves, and participate in programs such as LGBTQ sessions, Basketball nights, and Improv classes. Gary emphasized the point that there continues to be a segment of our youth in Dundas that need help. The Routes Centre is a vital and positive opportunity for the youth of Dundas.