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Newbury Park Rotary Cup
Newbury Park Rotary Club presented their 2017 Rotary Cup to this year's Thousand Oaks girl's basketball team who won their first CIF crown since 1992.
The TOHS girl's basketball players are now CIF-Southern Section Champions. Congratulations to the team and their head coach Chris Benton.
Newbury Park Rotary Cup 2017-05-26 07:00:00Z
Dreamcatcher Park
A Thousand Oaks playground project for
children with special needs and their families
Disability affects approximately 12% of the U. S. population. Because parents, siblings, and grandparents are affected too, the number of people impacted by disability is nearly one third of the population.
In conjunction with Conejo Recreation and Parks District, and PlayConejo, Rotary Club of Newbury Park has taken a leading position in financing this community project. Please join us in supporting this value community resource.
Dreamcatcher Park 2017-03-10 08:00:00Z
At the end of 2016, the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) recognized The Rotary Foundation as the World’s Outstanding Foundation. The award honors organizations that show philanthropic commitment and leadership through financial support, innovation, encouragement of others, and involvement in public affairs. 
Foundation Trustee Chair, Kalyan Banerjee says, “The continued strong support of Rotary members will help us keep our promise of a polio-free world for all children and enable the Foundation to carry out its mission of advancing world understanding, goodwill, and peace.”
“While almost everyone is familiar with Rotary, not everyone realizes how much of an impact Rotary and The Rotary Foundation have had on people and communities across the globe,” says Jason Lee, APF president and CEO. “All of us are honored to recognize The Rotary Foundation as our 2016 Outstanding Foundation.
TRF NAMED 2016 OUTSTANDING FOUNDATION Wade Nomura 2017-02-22 08:00:00Z
DG Nick Frankle
Every club in our district has been touched in some way by our Rotary Foundation.  This November take time to remember the good in the world that you and your club have done with the support of The Rotary Foundation.     
This 100th Anniversary celebration is the perfect time to share the work of The Rotary Foundation.
  • Dedicate some club meetings to Rotary Foundation topics.  Our district has many speakers to help you.
  • Plan a special Rotary Day and invite everyone in your community to participate. It can be anything from a concert to a race to a birthday party with a giant cake in the shape of the Rotary wheel.
  • Hold a fundraiser in your community to support a Foundation grant project, the Rotary Peace Centers, or Polio Plus.
  • Participate in a global grant or district grant project.
  • Promote your club or district projects that are funded by the Foundation.
  • Challenge members to increase their contributions to the Foundation.
As we begin Rotary Foundation Month, renew you commitment to supporting The Rotary Foundation through your gift to the Annual Fund, the Endowment, Polio Plus or a Foundation Grant.  Don’t wait until June 2017.  Put your money to work today!   Remember our district goal – 100% Participation in the 100th Year.  Thank you for your support of our Rotary Foundation.
DG Nick Frankle Nick Frankle 2016-11-03 00:00:00Z
August Membership Month

Imagine your community without Rotary. 

Who would feed the homeless? Who would stock the shelves of your food banks?  Who would provide medicines and funding for diagnostic tests to your free clinics? Who would provide a disadvantaged child with their first backpack, a special meal at Thanksgiving or the chance to go shopping at Christmas to buy presents for their family? Who would mentor your youth and celebrate your senior citizens? What other organization would offer leadership training to high school students through programs like Interact and RYLA and then provide the scholarships to help them live their dreams? 

August is Membership Month.  Take time this month to look around your community and make your own list of the good being done every day by you  and your Rotary club – then share it with your friends and business acquaintances. Invite them to join you at a meeting, a social or a project. Wear your Rotary pin proudly and always be able to answer the question “why are you a Rotarian?” 

Sometime in the past someone gave you the gift of Rotary.  This membership month pass that gift on to someone else.  It is the one gift that lasts a lifetime.
August Membership Month DG Nick Frankle 2016-08-03 00:00:00Z
New Rotary Year
1. Fighting disease
2. Providing clean water
3. Saving mothers and children
4. Supporting education
5. Growing local economies
6. Promoting peace
When you go out in your local communities, look for the many areas where Rotarians can make a difference. They are often highlighted by the familiar Rotary wheel.  Rotary members are at work right now feeding the hungry, tutoring children, maintaining parks, supporting our veterans, and more.
If you have a dream of how you can change lives in your local community or a community elsewhere in the world, then your Rotary club can make dreams a reality.
New Rotary Year DG Nick Frankle 2016-07-04 00:00:00Z
February 2016 DG Bell update
Last month I made a comment that our district is filled with "doers".  That goes for the clubs too.  We just completed our Million Dollar Brunch at Cal Lutheran University which included a presentation from The Rotary Foundation for awards earned for outstanding club performance during 2014-15. Our District had clubs recognized for excellence in three areas. I am very proud of all our club's who achieved such wonderful levels and hope we continue to raise the bar to new heights.
February 2016 DG Bell update DG Jim Bell 2016-02-01 00:00:00Z
Governor's Vocational Moment
As I tour our clubs in District 5240, I am very excited about the renewed emphasis in our very first Avenue of Service - VOCATIONAL SERVICE.  This is completely in line with Rotary International's desire to re-ignite interest in this service area in all clubs.
Here is a quick tip on how you can help your club re-energize Vocational Service and also help those prospective Rotarians learn more about your members when they visit. Simply do this: When a member addresses the president in a meeting, have them begin with: Their Name, Their Vocation.  It would sound like this:  "President Gary, this is Jim Bell, Wells Fargo Bank...."
That's it! Simple. Easy to do. At no cost. Over time as your members learn to do this, remember, it's to help prospective members become acquainted with your members and to encourage all your members to benefit from each other when they do business. After all, who is better to do business with than someone you know and who cares about you from your Rotary Family!
Governor's Vocational Moment DG Jim Bell 2015-12-16 00:00:00Z
Week 44

Thank you Wikipedia for being such a wonderful resource.

I was reading about Fathers Day celebrated around the world, and wanted to share what I learned.

In many countries Fathers Day is celebrated on the third Sunday in June.  President Johnson made the first proclamation in 1966, and in 1972 President Nixon signed it into the law.  The date goes back to 1910 and to Spokane  Washington.  Sonora Smart Dodd established the day to celebrate her Father William Smart, a veteran, a single father who raised six children.  Williams birthday was on June 5th, but the clergy did not have time to prepare the ceremony, so they settle on the third Sunday of June.  It is also the transition of Spring into Summer, the Season most associated with male energy.

In China and Taiwan Fathers Day was celebrated on the 8th day of the 8th month. Eight in Chinese is Ba, so the 8th day of the 8th month is Ba-Ba which sound like...the guy who wears the pants and does the dishes.

In countries influenced by the Catholic church such as Spain, Italy and Portugal,  Fathers Day is celebrated on  March 19, Joseph's birthday. Joseph is Jesus father and by celebrating his birthday, Catholics are celebrating all fathers.

At the Migdalis, we had a nice breakfast.  I enjoyed sitting on the deck, reading the paper and being called when all food was ready to serve. Usually I am the one who cooks and make the Israeli salad; tomatoes, cucumbers parsley and radishes, finally chopped and seasoned with lemon juice and good olive oil.  We had friends over and the table was filled with food and a good conversation.  How about changing Fathers Day  to Father's Month, so this treat lasts a bit longer?

At the club, we welcomed last Thursday the 4 NPHS students who received  each a $500 scholarships from the club.  Thank you Linda for making this happen and helping the girls and their families in their new journey of college. The club gave a $1000 to the continuation high school as well.  Great job RCTOS.

This week we will hear from Helen about her trip to Tanzania.  I am looking forward to her report.

Our helpers for the coming week are :

Greeter and membership table -  Darren H.

Invocation and Flag Salute -  Robert W.

Guest intro and Happy Bucks - Don S.

Practice Aloha with fathers and all members of the family.

Week 44 Ilan Migdali 2014-06-15 00:00:00Z
Week 43

It was so much fun to see the "100 miles running club" kids on Thursday, and it was as good to see the parents transfixed looking at their children presenting to our members.

It is good to provide the location and background for this, as it certainly "Builds Goodwill and Better Friendship".  The club took another little step in spreading the good that Rotary is known for, and it feels wonderful to be part of it.

Thank you Brendon for making the connection and to all of you, our members, for welcoming and honoring the kids and their families.

Wednesday 6/11 7AM is our Board meeting.  The current and future boards will meet and "pass the baton" so to speak, and assure continuation of the club activities.  You are all welcome to attend.

This week program will teach us some of the principles of Buddhism. I already feel peaceful and open hearted as I look forward to Thursday.

A memorable meal I had in China 25 years ago had as its main dish "Buddha Delight", a combination of many vegetarian ingredients that is eaten  traditionally during New Year and other important holidays.

Just as a good Rotary club is made of members who come from many different backgrounds, work environment, ethnicity and interests, the dish comes together with a simple sauce  which brings out the best in each ingredient contributing to the success of the dish.

Each of us has unique gift that is waiting to be shared with the world.  We are fortunate that participating in the Rotary club allows the gift to come forward and  make an impact.

Just like "Buddha Delight" which nourishes the patrons in the restaurant, our club and all it has done makes a beautiful contribution to the world.  And for this I am happy to say Halleluiah.

Our angles for the week are:

Membership table and Greeter - Don S.

Invocation and Flag Salute - Mark J.

Guest intro and Happy Bucks - Patrick M.

Practice Aloha in your kitchen and in a restaurant.


Week 43 Ilan Migdali 2014-06-08 00:00:00Z
Club ID and DAF Number
Our club ID is 21608.
Our Charitable Fund - DAF is 36-3245072
Club ID and DAF Number Maria Diana Pepelea
week 1

Greetings to fellow Rotarians!

Tomorrow’s exciting, riveting, and finely tuned presentation will be from Yours Truly – your new President for the next year.  Like every job and volunteer assignment I have been selected to before – I am by no means “ready”, “or “prepared” for the assignment.  But – just like the great Pantheon of President’s before me – which includes the John Foster who will follow me – I’ll figure it out … with the help of exceptional Rotarians like you. 

My topic tomorrow morning to kick the year off is our new RI President Gary Huang’s theme “Light Up Rotary”.    I think we need to “light things up a bit” with our club – specifically membership, fundraising, and member engagement – all to make sure the club survives, thrives, and has a profound impact both at home and abroad. 

We have an exceptional group – and we should all want our connection with each other continue to grow and prosper.  I hope to “paint a picture” for us tomorrow that will demonstrate how we can do that. 

While I am not as punny or funny as President Dempster, or as knowledgeable about food as President Migdali – I will share stories with you of how the concepts of Rotary have impacted my life and the lives of others.  Last night I attended the first meeting for the Conejo Valley Club, led this year by Mike McDermott.  Mike was incredibly nervous about how it would go.  He claimed he was not a dynamic speaker but he was flawless throughout – highlighting the accomplishments of the prior year for his club, and the pending projects they would successfully implement.  He pointed out that there are more than 36,000 other new Rotary Club Presidents, worldwide, going through their inaugurations this July!  What a reminder of how powerful Rotary is!  Mike also handed out candles to remind the Conejo Club members of the “Light Up Rotary” theme – and we all lit our candles – quite the nice touch!. 

By the way - That Conejo Valley Club now meets in the evenings – the second and fourth Tuesday of the month at 6:30 PM at Los Robles Greens.  So if you are recruiting for Rotary, and breakfast or lunch does not work for your prospect – there is now an evening option available – and they serve liquor J .   One more by the way – for those who know their Past President Sue Duffy – she is moving back east to Bethesda, Maryland to be with her children and grandchildren in two months.   So if you worked with her on projects past – you have a limited time only to take her to lunch and wish her well. 

Our next big event will be dinner with our new District Governor Loretta Butts – 6:30 pm on Thursday 24 July at the renowned Camboni Italian Restaurant.  Sign up sheets will be available at tomorrow’s meeting.  

Yours in Service!



Patrick Miller
Rotary Club of Thousand Oaks Sunrise

week 1 Patrick Miller
Week 45

It is with a mix of relief and wonder I write the last newsletter for the Rotary Year of 2013-14.

I find it very appropriate that we end at the number 45, which totals 9, my favorite number and a significant number in China.  Number Nine was the subject of a chapter in a book I wrote about Chinese Medicine. The number is considered auspicious because it is the highest possible number from 1-9. It means established prosperity, and when it is the sum of 4 + 5 it shows something strong and solid with a positive growth.  All these are attributes I feel about our Rotary Club.

The club is on solid footing when we look at our membership and our finance.  We had a very good year and the next one is shaping up to be a good year as well.

Come on Thursday for the last meeting and hear all about it.  Please come to honor Athol Wong, the outgoing principle of NPHS as she receives the Norm Lueck award.  You will also see me thanking the old board, giving Patrick the President Pin while he makes me the PP.

And then on Sunday, we can all continue celebrating at the demotion party held at Bob and Claudia, starting at 4 PM.  Please bring drinks and a healthy appetite as it will be catered by my favorite restaurant in Newbury Park, Baba's Kitchen.

More on Thursday meeting; we will be calling for the vote regarding the club changing its name from RC of TO Sunrise back to RC of Newbury Park.  I hope you all come to the meeting and participate in the vote.  If you will not be here, please SEND YOUR VOTE BY EMAIL TO ANDY BEFORE THURSDAY.   If you chose not to vote, or forget to vote you will be counted as NO.

Since this topic has been strongly debated in our club and both sides feel strongly that their side must prevail, I offer everyone a piece of Chocolate, out feature food for the week.

Chocolate originated in South America 4000 years ago. It was used in the temple as offering to the Gods and consumes by the priest as part of the service.  Chocolate is strongly associated with Valentines and for a good reason.  Chocolate contains several chemical components that increase our feel good hormones and put us in the mood for Love, intimacy and pleasure.  When reading about these components I learned that one of them, Anandamide receives their name from the Sanskrit work Ananda which means Bliss or Euphoria.

So after the vote, I will be passing around some chocolate, to reunite us in the Love for Rotary and the Love for our club, whatever its name will be.

Angels for the last program of the year:

Membership desk and Greeter - Darren H.

Invocation and flag salute - Andy

Guest intro and happy bucks - Robert W.

Practice Aloha all weeks of the year, with and without chocolate.

Week 45 Ilan Migdali
Week 42

New month, Summer is here, and I am nearly finished. 4 more sweet weeks and i get to be an official  PP.

Throughout this year, it was with a sense of pride and responsibility I put on every morning the presidents' pin.  I felt that not only I represent Rotary but have the honor of representing you and our club as well.  As night fell I moved the pin to my pajamas to continue my job 24/7.  Is this not dedication and commitment?

Last week we had a lively discussion on the name of the club. It seems that 2/3 of the members who attended the meeting support changing the name back to the Rotary Club of Newbury Park, about the same ratio as in our board. Next step is back to the board to form a resolution to change the name back and then have an official vote of all members. This will take place on the combined meeting Wednesday 6/11 at the side street cafe 7AM. All are welcome.

Next Thursday we will have  the "100 miles walking kids" who will come for the presentation of the champion cup.  Please come and celebrate with them their hard work and commitment.

Our program will be a local eye Dr. who will be speaking about common eye diseases and how to prevent them.

I was thinking about food for the week, and my friend the watermelon came to my mind.  Summer is the time for watermelon.  In Chinese Medicine this is the best food for sun stroke.  I heard that scientist in Israel developed an application for the smart phone. You will be able to scan the watermelon and your phone will tell you the percentage of sugar in it, helping you to chose the sweetest one.

I remember that in my youth in Israel, watermelons were sold on the side of the road in shacks built for the season. The vendor will have a mattress on the side and a big pile of watermelons in the middle. At any time of the day or night you would enter the shack and he would tap the watermelons until he would hear the right sound.  He will then pull his big knife, cut a triangle into the watermelon and pull out a red,  juicy and delicious piece for me to taste.

Until the app is ready, you can see me in the market tapping on the watermelons and listening to the perfect sound. I take my friend home and put it in the fridge.  A great way to eat a watermelon is to have a plate of feta cheese next to it.  You take a bite of the cheese, which makes you thirsty, so you eat a piece of watermelon, which makes you hungry, so you take another bite of Feta and you are thirsty again... you got the idea.   

Hey, look how easy I just wasted 10 minutes of your time. Only a few more newsletters to go and starting July you will have your full hour to yourself.

Helpers for the week: Greeter and membership - Ron B.  Invocation and flag salute - Robert W.  Guest intro and Happy Bucks Ron B.

Practice aloha with sticky fingers and a sweet heart.

Week 42 Ilan Migdali
Week 41

I looked up Memorial Day and found out it was observed in the past as Decoration Day, honoring the fallen Americans in the Civil War.

In the 20th century it was expanded to honor all fallen soldiers of all American wars. As it is observed on the last Monday in May it became the harbinger of summer, while Labor Day marks the end of the season.

In early years, before the Civil war, families would gather in late spring and early summer in the mountains' cemeteries to honor the dead and reunite as a large family. They would bring food and celebrate "Dinner on the Ground", the first name for Potluck lunch. Historians feel that this was the real origin of Decoration / Memorial Day.

You know me by now; food needs to find its way to the newsletter any way possible.

Talking about food, I spent Saturday afternoon helping the Rotary club Simi Sunrise in their Cajun festival.  Boy, are they organized and know how to put a first class event! The food that people were eating was amazing, big plates of crabs, lobster and other crustaceans, huge turkey legs, and lots and lots of beer. The music was great , I heard lots of Zydeco music next to the beer booth I was assigned to, and on the other side thousands of people enjoyed Blues with classic bands as Canned Heat , remember "Going up the Country"?  I heard it was their biggest crowd  in the 25 years the club has done the festival.

More good Rotary news - I delivered 11 back packs donated by Premier America Credit Union towards group 4 Back Pack project.

We have a few more meetings to go. This week will be a surprise, as our speaker for Thursday will be in the RI convention in Australia.  Bob is working to find a replacement to Wade.

Last meeting we had a short discussion regarding our club name.  Several people feel that the name should be changed back to Rotary Club of Newbury Park, while others feel it should stay as it is.  We will continue the discussion on Thursday and let everyone voice their opinion.

Our helpers for this week are:

Greeter and membership table - Darren H, Invocation and flag Salute - Erin C, Guest intro and Happy Bucks - Mark J.

Practice Aloha when you greet people and when you bid them goodbye.


Week 41 Ilan Migdali
Week Eight

I have a quince tree in my garden. Quinces are a relative of the pear and apple and some call them hairy apples. Our tree is generous with his fruits that begin green and hard. As the months pass, the fruit changes and becomes yellowish. This is my sign that Autumn is on his way.  We are about to transition from Summer, Labor day weekend is coming and the Jewish New Year begins next week.

In our club, we had the yearly visit from District Governor Jack and his wife Jane on Thursday and the social part with the Thousand Oaks club on Wednesday.  Jack has a wealth of knowledge about so many subjects and is generous with his time. He has been a Rotarian for many years, and sees the potential for personal transformation by participating in all that Rotary has to offer.  In his newsletter the DG encourages us to visit other club to experience camaraderie and another take on the weekly meeting. I have a lot of fun going to visit clubs in our area and really enjoy coming back home to all of you.

We also hosted a team from Sequoia Middle School who received a BIG check from our club to help purchase computers for their new lab. They left with the real $3000 check and with a super size one (thank you PE Patrick) which they intend to permanently display on  the lab wall.

And to make this even a more meaningful morning,  one of my favorite people rejoined the club.  John Foster told some emotional stories about the first years, when everyone was starting their carriers, children were born and no one had any idea how to make chili for the chili cook-off.  Welcome John!

Our upcoming weekly program is by our own Ray Forster Effendi.  Roy will share his pictures from his trip to Morocco.  We are looking for a camel and goats to be his side kicks.

This week working bees:

Membership table and greeter - Anthony

Invocation and flag salute - Andy

Guest intro and Happy bucks- Joe

Thank you all for making this a great experience.  It is meeting  number eight which means two months have already passed.  Ten more to go and so much to do...

Practice Aloha as if it is the most natural thing to do.

Week Eight Ilan Migdali
Second meeting
Second meeting Ilan Migdali
First meeting

I have always liked food.  Reading about food, talking about it, cooking food and mostly eating it.

As a young person growing up in Israel, I would first look at the restaurant section when we received the weekend edition of the newspaper. This is long before I could drive or had my own  money in my pocket. I retain this curious habit while living in the US.

As such it is easy for me to see this coming year as a great and tasty sandwich, where one slice is the first day of the Rotary year, and the other is our last meeting in June 2014.  The middle is up to us to create, prepare and enjoy.

Come Thursday 7/11 and together we begin exploring what this year brings.

As the head chef, I plan on nutritious, exotic, interesting and healthy content to fill our sandwich. And best of all, this magical meal, not only satisfies us, but feeds and sustains others in our community and all over the world.

Bring a friend ( if you have one) or someone you would like to introduce to Rotary. The first meeting of the year has an exciting new aroma and  many promises.

With Love


First meeting Ilan Migdali
Deepa - DGE for 2010 visits our club
Deepa speaks to our club about Extreme Poverty
Deepa - DGE for 2010 visits our club Sheromie Vittachi
Board meeting
On Wednesday, January 6 we had the board meeting with our 5240 DG
Luz-Maria Oritz-Smith at Mediterraneo Restaurant.  The full board was
present to welcome and report to our Rotary District Governor
Board meeting Mary-Catherine McBride
Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast
Good company for breakfast.
Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast Sheromie Vittachi
Turkeys for the Troops
Thanks to all that brought in Turkeys
Turkeys for the Troops Sheromie Vittachi
One of own graduates
Dana Moldovan (PP) becomes a Master PRLS graduate.
One of own graduates Sheromie Vittachi
GSE Team comes for breakfast
Two members of the GSE team from Bangaladesh came for Breakfast.
GSE Team comes for breakfast Sheromie Vittachi
4 Way Test Essay Contest
On May 14th we offered the prices for the winners of the 4 Way Test Essay contest for this year.
The contest is an yearly event: essay contest for high school students based on the Rotary fundamental values, known as Four Way Test.
Every year we are looking forward to listen to their essays and get inspired by them too.
The three winners came and read their essay at our club meeting:
First Place: Alice James, $250
Second Place: Hans Gao, $175. 
Third Place: Amanda Vu, $75. 
In the picture: Left to Right - Hans Gao, Amanda Vu, Alice James.

The essays are available for reading on the bottom right of the page, under downloadable documents.
4 Way Test Essay Contest
District Assembly, April 4th
On Saturday, April 4th we had the District Assembly in Santa Barbara. The DA is the Rotary educational program provided every year by the district to prepare the board teams and leadership for next year.
It is also a good opportunity for networking with other groups.
District Assembly, April 4th
Oktoberfest, last weekend
From what I heard so far, everybody had a good time this year at the Oktoberfest. Even if for some of us was not so easy to drink beer so early in the morning, but we managed it :).

Positive comments from everyone, club members, attendees, and the Underwood Farm owners and staff, that it was the "best Oktoberfest ever", despite the overall attendance being down approximately 20% from last year, it is universally felt that this was directly related to the devastating economy and the federal bailout just in from Washington. The farm was filled with families eating, dancing, and enjoying the entertainment from the LA Blue Birds on Saturday, the traditional Schuhplattlers, the Conejo Cloggers, and on Sunday Floyd and the Flyboys.

Oktoberfest, last weekend
Hollywood Storage - proud sponsor of Oktoberfest
Need storage? Click here for the only storage facility with The Clean TeamTM, top security ranking and the Lowest Price Guaranteed. www.hollywoodstoragecenter.com
Hollywood Storage - proud sponsor of Oktoberfest
District Dinner at Reagan Library
The best entertaining event from the RI Annual Conventions was the dinner from the Reagan Library in Simi Valley.
The event was very good organized with delicious foods and very good program.
District Dinner at Reagan Library
2008 Rotary International Convention
On 15-18 June Los Angeles was the host for the 99th Annual Convention of Rotary.
The convention had about 18K participants from all around the globe and it was held at Los Angeles Convention Center.
2008 Rotary International Convention
Off to a new Rotary year!
The Rotary year 2007/2008 ended with the last day of June. And so the presidency of Mike Harrison and his board. We ended the year in a very entertaining celebration.
But besides that I would like to thank Mike for his big amount of work for the club.
Off to a new Rotary year!
Oktoberfest 2009
The 2009 edition of Oktoberfest will be on 26 & 27 September!
Join us for this wonderful outdoor festival with a lot of good time, plenty of things to do, a lot to eat and to drink.
And all of these for the benefit of our community through our programs that we develop and sponsor.
Mark the date on your calendar, spread the word around!
If you are interested in becoming a vendor, here you can find the info and forms for becoming a vendor for this popular event:
Vendor Information
Vendor Map
Vendor Application
You can also download the forms on the right side of this page.
Don't miss out! See you there!
Oktoberfest 2009
Project Triumph May 4 - May 18 2008: Schedulle
The third edition of the Project Triumph is in full development. The students from Haifa are here between 4th and 18th of May.
We are preparing to welcome 20 Jewish, Christian and Muslim students from Haifa, Israel for a two week program in May to develop leadership skills in peacemaking.
Project TRIUMPH is a nonpartisan grassroots program that brings Middle Eastern Arab and Jewish teenagers together in the spirit of collaboration to build a shared Vision of a peaceful future.

You can find out more about it at Project Triumph Website and International Projects page on this site.
Project Triumph May 4 - May 18 2008: Schedulle
Ride On Open House
On Saturday, April 5th we took part to the Ride On open house event in Newbury Park.
Our club provided the cooking. Thanks to all volunteers that came and cook all those hamburgers!
Ride On Open House
Project Triumph Fundraising Event
On April 13 2008, we had the "The Magic of Peace": an intercultural experience and auction to benefit Project TRIUMPH 2008.
Project TRIUMPH is a nonpartisan grassroots program that brings Middle Eastern Arab and Jewish teenagers together in the spirit of collaboration to build a shared Vision of a peaceful future.
Project Triumph Fundraising Event
What a Weekend we Had!
On the 29-30th September weekend we had our 21st Oktoberfest. And we had a lot of entertainment, it was as you can see like a big party. Those that you been there you know that we had a good time.
What a Weekend we Had!
Fundraiser for Romania projects
On Saturday July 21st we had a fundraiser event for our international projects in Romania. The event was organized and hosted by Dana Moldovan.
Fundraiser for Romania projects
We securely accept credit card donations.
Please specify in the comments at checkout the designation of your donation, in case you would like your money to be used for a specific project only.
Newbury Park Receives 10 Awards from District 5240
At a lavash celebration chaired by our own Mary Catherine McBride at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Ventura, District 5240 handed out awards to the very best in the District. Newbury Park was awarded ten awards in total including the Governor's Super Club in reocognition of of the club's dedication and accomplishments.  Awards to Newbury Park included:
District Governor's Super Club
District Governor's Citation
District Literacy Award
Community Service Award
Club Service Award
Vocational Service Award
New Generations Service Award
International Service Award
Signifigant Achievement Award for Project Truimph
2006-07 Presidential Citation Award

Newbury Park Receives 10 Awards from District 5240
YMCA Opening
Today, June 2nd it was the opening ceremony for the YMCA facility in Newbury Park, the Miller Family YMCA.
YMCA Opening
Project Triumph in Israel
The TRIUMPH kids have hit the ground running in Israel and are excited about getting a jump-start with some of their projects. Please see below for the news from Shaul D'Angeli from Haifa Rotary Club.
Project Triumph in Israel
Oktoberfest 2007 Vendor Application
For our Oktoberfest 2007 vendors, the forms are available for download on the right side of the home page. Or you can open them bellow.
Oktoberfest 2007 Vendor Application
Trip to Romania
A group from our Club just came back from the visit to Romania. The trip from May 12 to May 28 researched new projects.
Trip to Romania
District Assembly, April 28
On Saturday April 28 at Oxnad took place the District Assembly: training programs for the avenue of service, for the incomming club officers and chairs.
District Assembly, April 28
RYLA for Ditrict 5240: April 19 - April 22
The 2007 RYLA took place at Ojai at April 19-April 22.
Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA), Rotary's training program for young leaders, emphasizes leadership, citizenship, and personal growth.
RYLA for Ditrict 5240: April 19 - April 22
4 Way Test Essay Contest
On our meeting from Thursday, April 19 we finalize our 4 Way Test Essay Contest.
We offered the prizes after we listened the three contestants read their essays.
4 Way Test Essay Contest
Triumph Graduation Ceremony, April 27
On Thursday the Triumph paticipants for this year had their graduation ceremony. This was the end of 2 weeks of training for the 20 teeneagers from Haifa.
Triumph Graduation Ceremony, April 27
Project Triumph Interfaith Dialogue, April 17th
What is Judaism? Islam? Christianity? How do we move together to a peacefull existence?
Project Triumph Interfaith Dialogue, April 17th
Oktoberfest Branding Opportunities
Press Release:

Oktoberfest Branding Opportunities Mary-Catherine McBride
Project Triumph Fundraiser
The event was Saturday, March 24 at St Matthew Methodist Church on Wendy Newbury Park. The event gathered around 110 people.
Project Triumph Fundraiser
Project Triumph: April 15 - April 28
The 2007 delegates arrived on April 15, Sunday morning and they left on Sunday April 28.
We had a good time with the students at the events during their stay here.
Check out the details on International Projects page.
See down the page some of the things we did and the fun we had...
Project Triumph: April 15 - April 28
Welcome to Rotary Club of Newbury Park Website

Welcome to Rotary Club of Newbury Park Website
Don't forget the eBulletin!
ClubRunner makes it easy to publish your eBulletin, and send to all your members and friends.
Don't forget the eBulletin! Scott Young
Welcome to our new website!

We are all excited to see how ClubRunner will revolutionize the way we manage our day to day club activities, as well as communicate more effectively.
Welcome to our new website! Scott Young