Our Club
The Rotary Club of Montecito was founded in 1953.  For more than 70 years we've been developing projects and delivering service to our community and the wider world. Along the way we've made lasting friendships and had a lot of fun!
Our Members
Rotarians are People of Action.  Our members are business and professional leaders with high ethical standards who give back to the community through fellowship and service.
Our Membership Options
Depending upon your circumstances, the Rotary Club of Montecito has a membership option that should meet your needs.  Typically, most members join as Individual Members.  However you and your partner, spouse, or another member of the same household (ie parent, child, etc.) may wish to explore our Family (or Household) Membership option for the two of you at a reduced obligation.  And finally, for businesses and other organizations looking to foster a culture of community service in the workplace, we offer a Corporate Membership option where three members of the same entity can join as members of Rotary at a reduced obligation.  Of course, our members thrive on fellowship and collaboration so we encourage each and every member to fully engage and participate as much and as often as possible.
Applications for each of the three Membership Options can be found on our Forms/Links page, and include much more detailed information including obligations and requirements for membership.
Our Meetings
The Rotary Club of Montecito meets 1st & 3rd Tuesdays of each month at noon at the Music Academy of the West.
Our 2023-2024 Leadership Team
       President - Tony Morris
       President-Elect - Kim Stone
       President-Elect Nominee - Sese Ntem
       Secretary - Roger Davis
       Treasurer - Kurt Koenig
       Director - Membership - Taro Usami
       Director - Member Communications - Bernadette Bagley 
       Director - Club Service- Cathy Cash
       Director - Community Service - Kim Stone
       Director - Global Service - Harlan Green
       Director - Vocational Service - Sese Ntem
       Rotary Club of Montecito Foundation President - Bruce McRoy
Past Presidents
Tony Morris.                  2022-23
Tom Fisher                     2021-22
Kati Buehler                   2020-21
John Lucchetti                2019-20
Todd Smith                     2018-19
Cathy Cash                    2017-18
Bernadette Bagley 2016-17
Joe Kirkland 2015-16
Marc Fleischman 2014-15
John Glanville 2013-14
Murray Ray 2012-13
Carolyn Brown 2011-12
Harlan Green 2010-11
Bill Lindberg 2009-10
Dick Douglas 2008-09
Kristine Mollenkopf 2007-08
Paul Kremser 2006-07
Jeff Kerns 2005-06
Cindy Enderby 2004-05
Kurt Koenig 2003-04
Rosslyn Ray 2002-03
Jennifer Goddard 2001-02
Karen Hickman 2000-01
Erik Pihl 1999-00
John Free 1998-99
Kenneth Ziegler 1997-98
Les Esposito 1996-97
Bronte Reynolds 1995-96
Mike Harling 1994-95
Rufus Jeffris 1993-94
Linda Melchiori 1992-93
Thomas Padberg 1991-92
Ted Hatlen 1990-91
Les Pixler 1989-90
Kim Ham 1988-89
Charlie Culver 1987-88
John Dillon 1986-87
Wayne Seward 1985-86
Edward Kemble 1984-85
Richard Cavalier 1983-84
Christoper Carroll 1982-83
William Rea 1981-82
Ben Walsh 1980-81
Leland Asa 1979-80
Rodney Lewis 1978-79
Henry Anderson 1977-78
Leland Crawford 1976-77
George Hall 1975-76
Ernest Giesler 1974-75
Martin Koobation 1973-74
Arthur Walker 1972-73
James Cherry 1971-72
Spencer Blickenstaff 1970-71
Dorrance Anderson 1969-70
Harrison Allen 1968-69
Fred Bergin 1967-68
Roger Seargeant 1966-67
Robert Dick 1965-66
Beach Kellogg 1964-65
George Whipple 1963-64
Roger Voskuyl 1962-63
James Bachman 1961-62
Donald Sykes 1960-61
Richard Raymond 1959-60
Kenneth Monroe 1958-59
Stewart Beltz 1957-58
Edward Roth 1956-57
James Garvin 1955-56
William Leeker 1954-55
George Barker 1953-54