Kudos to Anita Blakemore for organizing a meaningful and fun service project at the Salvation Army this past Tuesday (Sept 8th).  Members volunteered in shifts with Lynda Nahra, Claude Dorais (Rotary E-Club), and Kati & Peter Buehler taking the morning shift; while Liz Westwick, Gary Hopkins, Bernadette Bagley, and Anita & Jason Blakemore covered the afternoon shift.
Claude loading food into a recipient's car.

Work was fast paced and physical as we loaded boxes of food into the vehicles of arriving families.  Once deliveries were complete, the team switched to assembling additional food boxes and loading them on pallets for storage.  At the end of the day we had an impressive stack of nearly 150 boxes prepped for future distribution.  
Check out the photos below for more evidence of Montecito Rotarians in action.
AM shift posing proudly by a pallet of completed food packages (Claude Dorais, Lynda Nahra, and Kati & Peter Buehler).
Kati & Lynda packing food boxes.
Jason in a rare moment when he wasn't moving at warp speed.
Gary with a pallet of canned corn.
Anita and Liz working the assembly line.
Gary proving he got his hands dirty.
PM team at end of shift, a bit disheveled but satisfied with a job well done.
Two members of the Salvation Army staff are also local Rotarians.  Major Jessyca Carr is a member of the Rotary Club of Santa Barbara, and Corps Officer Amber Ohl recently joined the Rotary Club of Goleta. To learn more about the Salvation Army food distribution program check our the video below: