COVID-19 restrictions are especially challenging for seniors.  To ease the burden we sent hand-written holiday cards and gifts of essential items to senior residents at the Golden Inn & Village, a retirement community in Santa Ynez.
Peter & Kati Buehler collected donations at their house, and thanks to your generous support Tony Morris' car was packed to near bursting when he made the final delivery!
We sent multiple cards for each of the 60 residents and provided five boxes of toiletries, cleaning supplies & paper products for the seniors' free supply pantry.
Contributors included Kati & Peter Buehler, Gary Hopkins, Anita & Jason Blakemore, Liz Westwick, Tom & Lora Fisher, Tony Morris, Lynda Nahra, Susan Hersberger, and others whose names are as yet unknown.  Thanks to all of you for sharing gifts of the season with our senior neighbors.
Golden Inn & Village staff member receiving donated items.
Table laden with donations from the Rotary Club of Montecito.