This week's Mask-querade was a great success!  The small group of registered attendees was able to meet in person while maintaining appropriate social distance. 
Thanks to our social committee, Liz Westwick, Anita Blakemore & Tony Morris, for organizing.  Liz & Anita cooked up a delicious array of appetizers, pizzas and dessert, but I think the highlight may have been the specialty cocktails created by Liz's husband John. 
Attendees included Kati Buehler, Larry Minasian, Anita & Jason Blakemore, Liz & John Westwick. Bernadette Bagley, and Tony Morris. 
Mask ranged from simple cloth and paper shields to elaborate hand drawn creations. 
There's something not quite right about Liz & Anita's masks ...
Imposters revealed!
The real Liz & Anita in their cute kitten masks.