DRFCC Wade Nomura was recently appointed by the Rotary Foundation to serve as the Technical Coordinator of Cadres in Water and Sanitation Worldwide. Wade was asked to serve by incoming Rotary Foundation Chair Ron Burton and approved by the Board of Directors and Trustees to serve a three year term as a Technical Coordinator of Cadres for Water and Sanitation. There are 21 Technical Coordinators worldwide in Rotary, with 3 coordinators with staggered three year terms in each of the 6 Areas of Focus, and 3 in Financial Oversight. Wade will be one of three Technical Coordinators for Water and Sanitation, and the only one from North America. The Technical Coordinators have the responsibility to evaluate the grant process, work with the Trustees in making certain the grants models are efficient, and address any concerns the current grant model and policies may have, including making recommendations on improving the current system. Wade will also be serving on two Breakout Panels in Toronto on the “Role of the TRF Cadre” and on “Community Assessments”.