We all know that Rotary provides its members with amazing opportunities to serve others- both internationally and within our local communities.  However, did you know that being a Rotarian has some marvelous benefits to help you fully realize your potential as an effective leader? Take advantage of a wealth of training materials designed to help you learn new skills and become more successful in what you do both professionally and personally.
The Rotary Learning Center has a wonderful series of online classes (at least 20) that you can access at will.  These include ‘Essentials of Understanding Conflict’, ‘Develop a Speech’, ‘Interpersonal Communication and Networking’, ‘Design an Inclusive Plan for Your Organization’, ‘Leading Change’, ‘Uncovering Unconscious Bias’, etc.
In the Course entitled ‘Becoming an Effective Facilitator’, participants learn about the value of facilitation and how effective facilitators can guide people to achieve their goals. 
Rotary has even partnered with Toastmasters on a set of eight structured communication and leadership development courses on the portal.
To access these and many other remarkable courses, go to https://learn.rotary.org/pages/36/course-catalogs and log in.
Rotary provides its members opportunities to develop professionally, gain world understanding, and make lifelong friendships – all while volunteering to improve lives and bring lasting, positive change to communities.