ulian Crocker introduced our speaker, Leslie Kasanoff, DC, a fellow Rotarian from Los Osos who helps people who want natural treatments.

Below is directly from Leslie’s website:

I have spent my professional life in health care; initially beginning my career as a Medical Laboratory Technologist. “Then, there I was; called on to assist at the bedside, for a bone marrow biopsy. The frail, elderly lady looked, to my 22 year old eyes, to be 110.”

The pathologist thrusted a blunt-ended needle into her sternum (bone) and I cringed, averting my eyes. The blood-curdling screams seemed to suck all the energy from the room; seemed to suck any compassion he had from his heart as he maneuvered & manipulated that needle inside her sternum to obtain that sample.

Finally, after what seemed hours, the screaming stopped, he handed the sample to me, where-upon I made the requisite microscope slides and brought them & the remaining sample back to the lab. As I handed the sample to

the technologist, I told her the story. She looked back at me with sad eyes, “But, Leslie, they don’t even treat leukemia in people that age.”

I was appalled and devastated! Here I was, technically still a student, just weeks from graduating after 5 long and grueling years. I instantly understood that in my then current position I was helpless to effect change in her life or in the system that put she and I in these positions. I knew, in that instant that I needed to be outside of that system in order to effect change and to truly help people heal.

My science background allowed me to quickly separate the chaff from the grain & see what made sense and had real scientific support and what didn’t, regardless of who published it. Fast forward to the fall of 2018, I left Community Health Centers (where I had
taken a position to serve mostly those with limited access to healthcare), went on a Fall Foliage Bicycle trip thru New England, reuniting, for part of it with 2 of the cyclists that accompanied me on the trip nearly 40 years earlier. That trip
helped me reaffirm that we can still do whatever we want, regardless of age and circumstance if we have the inspiration to put the pieces of the puzzle
together . So on my return to the Central Coast, I recommitted myself to helping women, families and seniors find simple natural answers to common health problems.

I help debunk the myths surrounding diet, exercise, genetics and lifestyle.

I’ll help you find balance so you can holistically manage your health and move forward with clarity at a pace that’s comfortable yet challenging.

I even help my clients navigate the thorny confrontations of telling their physicians that they are choosing a drug- free path and wanting to elicit cooperation.