The Cambria Community Council transportation system, known locally as “The Cambria Community Bus” provides local door to door service for seniors (persons over 60) and disabled persons within the Cambria-San Simeon area. Multiple stops are not only allowed but encouraged. All rides are free. A dispatcher answers the dispatch phone between 9am and 11am Monday through Friday. If you call outside these hours, you may leave a message. Persons needing a ride must call the dispatcher 1 (805) 927-4173 at least one day prior to the scheduled ride. Each bus is equipped with a cell phone to assist in schedule adherence and process any additions or deletions to the daily schedule. The service operates one bus locally on weekdays, Monday through Friday, between 8am and 4:30pm. 

A second bus makes a day trip to San Luis Obispo on the first and third Tuesdays of each month. This second bus also makes a trip to Paso Robles and Templeton on the second Tuesday of each month. These out of town trips are used primarily for shopping, however, Medical appointments have priority seating. Both buses are ADA equipped. Drivers will provide assistance if necessary for riders entering and exiting the bus as well as transporting packages and groceries into the rider’s home. All drivers are volunteers from the community and again, all rides are free. 

The Cambria Community Bus always needs volunteer drivers. There are no special license requirements. A prospective driver needs a valid Class C license (this is the most common license) and a good driving record. Training will be provided and takes about 8 hours with most of that time being hands on behind the wheel in the bus. Drivers determine their own driving days and whole and half days are available. It is a wonderful way to give back to our community! 

If you want to volunteer to drive or just need more information about driving, call Warren Gay at 1 (805) 927-1147 or Tony Church at 1 (805) 927-1442.