Wade is currently the mayor of Carpinteria. But he can't be defined by just one title. He's been a BMX racing champion (5-times), Rotary leader who's traveled the world in the name of humanitarian service and is a Japanese American who's family has overcome discrimination. 

In Creating Destiny, he writes about the many ups and downs throughout life and how it made him who he is today. 

Times were tough for his family as Japanese Americans in the wake of World War II. His family was among those removed to interment camps in the Arizona desert, stripped of all their belongings and forced to start over when the war was over. 

Their struggles still weren’t over, with discrimination part of daily life. Wade was not allowed inside his friend’s homes because of nervous parents. “It was hard always being looked at with suspicion. In some ways the discrimination made me who I am – it made me work harder to prove myself,” he says. 

Wade hopes his book will inspire others to embrace community service. “It’s the most rewarding feeling, knowing you’ve played a part in improving someone else’s life forever,” he says. 

You can purchase Wade’s book at www.wadenomura.com/book. If you order it now, note on your order form that you are with Cambria Rotary. Wade and his wife, Debbie, will be delivering the books to Cambria on Friday, April 2nd.