Pres. Roger started things off my thanking everyone who participated in the Avenues of Service projects during his presidency year and applauded their accomplishments.

PE and VIVA Chair, Chuck Forester pointed out that, without the proceeds from the
VIVA event, the Avenues of Service would not be able to do much of what they have done during the 2018-19 year. He asked that everyone pay attention to the slide show and do what they can to help this year’s VIVA be the best one yet! There are many ways to help.

GRAND RAFFLE: Sue O. pointed out that we have 500 Grand Raffle tickets to sell. We need to sell $7500 worth of tickets just to break even. So, please tell your friends, family, neighbors what a great deal this is and get those tickets sold. If you have any rack cards left over, please give them to Sue.

EVENT TICKETS: Linda Sherman told us that event tickets will be available on line beginning June 28. Go to Cambria Rotary and click on the VIVA logo. That will bring you to the VIVA page where you can purchase tickets and bid on silent auction items. Those not attending the event can still bid on Silent Auction items on-line until a couple of days before VIVA. Their bids will be entered on the bid sheets.

LIVE AUCTION: Reluctant Live Auction Chair, Bob Kasper asked us to get creative this year. Do you know anyone in “the industry” that could get backstage passes to see a filming, can get a limo to take people wine tasting, a vacation rental or airline miles. So far the J Patrick House (thanks to former members Linda Ennen & Ron Castadio), has been donated and will be used as a trade with the Oakhurst Club for a Yosemite package. We will also be offering Tree Bones and he is working on a possible Dodger package. But he can not

do it all himself. Anyone willing to help Bob, please let him know.

SPONSORS: Patty Griffin is, once again, leaving no stone unturned in her quest to get a lot of sponsors for the event. Today, Philip Sullivan presented VIVA with a $2500 check for a GOLD sponsorship from Pacific Premier Bank. Thanks Philip!

SILENT AUCTION: Sue Robinson told us that the VIVA Committee is trying something new this year. All members are being asked to join with fellow Rotarians to put together silent auction items. She and Sue O. passed around a list of silent auction ideas and asked for members or groups of members to sign up to donate a basket. Otis, Dr. Joe, Heidi and Janet Meyers signed up for “A Bit of Italy” basket and Elaine & Heide signed up for a “Crafty Ones” basket.

If anyone would like to help out with VIVA, let Chuck know. The more the merrier.