VIVA Chair, Mary Ann Carson, reminded us that the theme this year is Oscar Night! And she pointed to the little Oscar statues on our tables. She also reminded us that this is our major fundraiser and we need EVERYONE to get involved! Ron Castadio will be the Master of Ceremonies and Bob Kasper will be the Auctioneer.

Sue Oberholtzer is handling the Grand Raffle and has $17,200 worth of tickets to be sold. So far she has collected only $2300. So, please get out there and ask your friends, neighbors, family members, strangers on the street to buy a ticket for this great raffle.

Patty Griffin is in charge of Sponsors and has already knocked it out of the park! Pacific Premier Bank (Phillip Sullivan) and Sydney Peak Stone (Christel Chesney) have signed on as $2500 sponsors and Patty is working on another 8 $1,000 sponsors. Way to go Patty!

Judy Schuster reported that she has already sold 2 tables for VIVA! You too could sell a table.

Miguel Sandoval announced that the menu will include salad, prime rib with potatoes and veggies and a dessert of cheesecake with raspberry sauce. Eggplant parmigiana will be available for those not wanting the beef. He will also be arranging for show tunes to play during dinner and a variety of popular songs for dancing after dinner.

Linda Sherman told us that tickets for the event are available on-line at or you can purchase by check (made out to RCC Foundation). Tickets are $85 each. She also told us that, so far, we have collected 2 bottles of wine. At this time last year we had 200! So, please considering donating or asking for donations of wine.


Christel Chesney told us that the decorations will be “Simply Elegant”. And, we know Christel means what she says. Cannot wait to see the magic she performs at the Vet’s Hall. Suggested dress code is either elegant or movie character.

Bob Kasper shared that we have a Live Auction donation of 2 nights at the Cass House with dinner for 2. He would love to pair that with something like a limo to take the guests wine tasting or something else that would make this donation even more special. He also asked us to think about a friend with a fun job that could provide an experience (visit to a movie set, walk-on part on a TV show, batting practice with the pros).

Julie Jenkins explained that we are hoping to have 30 Silent Auction items this year. She asks that donation forms (available on-line and at our weekly meetings) be filled out and given to her along with a photo of the donation item. She would appreciate not receiving the actual item until Sept. 14 due to lack of room for storing said items. Donations of wine and/or gift certificates can be given to Linda Sherman at anytime.

Nancy McKarney has created business cards for VIVA and asked that everyone take some to put on counters of local businesses as a way to get the word out about the event. They will be available at our Friday meetings.