Bob Putney showed a PowerPoint explaining Rotary’s funding structure. Our membership fees fund ONLY membership and insurance fees paid to District 5240 and to Rotary International. Your pledges fund our Club’s annual operating budget ONLY.

Our Cambria Rotary Club Foundation is the giving arm of our Club and donations to the Foundation are saved to build a fund. Donations to the Foundation are tax deductible.

The Cambria Rotary Board and the Cambria Rotary Foundation Board are
Separate entities.
75% of VIVA profits go to Rotary Avenues of Service
25% of VIVA profits are retained by the Cambria Rotary Club Foundation
Fundraising profits from i.e. the Beer Booth would go into the Cambria Rotary Club Foundation.

TRF The Rotary Foundation

Annual Programs Fund; World Fund; SHARE (Annual Fund and World Fund); International Initiatives; Polio; Direct Project Donations i.e. Project Peanut Butter, Shelter Box, etc.


Funds we donate to TRF are invested and grow, and after three years, are available to us as District Grants, for which we must be eligible and for which we must apply. To be eligible, we must have at least two members attend on-line or in-person Grant Training.

TRF has a good reputation for giving 98 1/2 cents of each dollar directly to projects, with the balance retained as administrative costs. In 2018, Rotary distributed $86,677,399 for 1,306 grants.

Sustaining Memberships are $100/year. Cambria Foundation pays $75 for each of its members, with the remaining $25 voluntarily donated by each member to TRF.

Cambria Rotary is 48 years old— began in 1971. A Paul Harris Award is given to a Cambria Rotary member for each $1,000 donated to TRF, either in installments or at one time. If a Cambria Rotary member donates $1000 to the Cambria Rotary Foundation, he receives a Neal Jensen reward.

Regarding the END POLIO NOW campaign, the final countries working on eradication are Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nigeria, Republic of Congo.