Donna told us that, when she became Membership Chair, she needed a “Member Ship”. All of us are represented on the “ship” and you are all in a bathing suit. You all look so good, everyone is tiny, you can’t see and wrinkles or veins or any-thing. And, as we get new members, they too will be added to the “ship”. Donna spent countless hours with tweezers and gorilla glue putting this together. On one side of the ship it says “VIVA, Rotary Club of Cambria, Golden Jubilee, 50 years of Service and Fun” and on the other side says “1971 Golden Jubilee 2021” . You have to look very carefully, but off the bough of the ship, you will see the Titanic version of Patty & Mike holding each other and, on one side is co–captain Christel and on the other side is Linda. And, this is not just smoke coming up, these are the thoughts going through Patty’s head….fundraising, commu-nity service, Romania, India, Paul Harris, etc. 

Donna then told us that there was a facilitator at each table and they will, with Jeopardy-like speed, conduct you in-to finding connections based on six degrees of separation. Donna’s goal as Membership Chair is to retain member-ship, engage members and recruit new members. This exercise is to find connections you already have with your fellow members that you didn't know about. Donna just found out that Dennis Rightmer’s father was her middle school vice-principal! So, she is hoping we will find those connections. 

Thanks, Donna for this very fun and fast presentation.