Stories From the Chamber of Commerce
Mary Ann told us that she has a lot of experience being called upon spur of
the moment to speak, as was the case today when our presenter had to
cancel last minute.
Mary Ann and husband Will decided to take a trip around the country after
spending a winter in Montana. They came upon Cambria and decided this
was where they wanted to live. But, they both needed to find jobs. Mary
Ann saw an ad for Manager of the Chamber of Commerce and decided to apply, even though she
really did not know what the job entailed. And, it has been an adventure.
Early on there was an El Nino storm that knocked out electricity for about 5 days. Because people
would be calling the Chamber for information, Mary Ann was there everyday, in the dark answer-
ing the phones. In 2003, we had the 6.6 earthquake. Everyone abandoned the town but, once
again, she was there manning the phones. She was even getting calls from National news agen-
Mary Ann sang the praises of the many volunteers she has had. We have driven visitors to the
train station when they got stuck in town, transported them from one end of town to the other
because they were too tired to walk, and provided a guy walking from Mexico to Canada with a
pair of sneakers to replace the ones he was wearing that had fallen apart.
Thanks Mary Ann for your fun stories and for your many years of service to the Chamber.