2021-22 Community Service Committee Recap: Community Service Chair, Sue Rob-inson presented a slide show highlighting all of the ways our club contributed to pro-grams benefitting out community. She thanked the committee members for their work this year and encouraged anyone interested in serving on Community Service next year to contact 2022-23 Community Service Chair, Sandy Cha at scmumper@gmail.com. A copy of the Community Service presentation can be viewed at Community Service recap.pptx 



2021-22 International Service Committee Recap: International Service Chair, Julie Jenkins told us that the International Service Committee chose the following pro-grams to fund this year: Home for Aids Orphans, Whisper & Thunder, Lords Meade, Grace Center, Kristina Health Clinic, Saving Little Hearts in Romania, Oxygen Gener-ating Systems to India, Pace Universal and Shelter Box. Julie thanked Nancy McKarney for putting together the slide show that highlights the many accomplish-ments of the International Service Committee. The slide show can be seen at: https://www.dropbox.com/s/emjhoy3seskivmq/JuliesPresentation.pptx?dl=0 

Is there any doubt we are People of Action???