May 24 Presentation:


PP Jane Howard told us about the unbelievable schedule the kids followed during their 4 days at RYLA. Days began at 7:45 when all attendees were required to attend the flag salute and usually ended at about midnight! She then asked the students to tell us what they thought the best lesson they learned from their experience.

Emanuel began by telling us that the first day was “kind of weird” being with all these people he didn’t know. By the second day, he had made a lot of friends and feels grateful for everything he has.

David said inspirational speaker, Jim Brogan, pushed everyone to be the best they could be.

Ore told us that she felt bad for those who were not chosen to attend

RYLA and she wanted to make the most of her experience because she wanted to do it for all those kids.

Gabriel said he started off not really wanting to branch out. He is thankful that Rotary sent him to RYLA because he connected with other kids in his color group and they will all be meeting at the Mid State Fair this summer.

Annika told us that she was really nervous about going to RYLA but, by the second day, she had made lots of new friends. She also said Diversity was really hard because she learned that you never really know what someone is going through.

Alondra was not sure she would be getting as much out of RYLA as the other students. But, she met a girl in the foster system and, after hearing her story, has decided she wants to study to be a social worker.

Jacqueline found the entire experience life-changing. She was most impacted by the ropes course because she is afraid of heights. But, with a lot of encouragement from everyone, she finished the course.

Angelique said she learned to be “unapologetically herself”. She learned leadership fundamentals which she will put to good use as next year’s Senior Class President.

Spencer got a big kick watching 6’3” guys fitting in the tiny beds in the cabin. Although he is afraid of heights, he was able to help someone who was more afraid to tackle the rope course.

John said he learned invaluable skills. His first class was diversity and that was difficult. He also confessed that he too is afraid of heights and that this
“tiny little girl” helped him navigate the rope course. He is still in touch with 30 members of his team. What an amazing group of kids. Everyone in attendance agreed that our future is in good hands.