Our presenters Gerry & Paula Porter, Joe Morrow and Otis Archie were joined by Sgt. At Arms Andrew to start the meeting off by singing Let There Be Peace on Earth.

Dr. Joe spoke of the issue of Human Trafficking and programs that address the effects of human trafficking. What can we do to recognize trauma? We need to make sure kids are aware of the dangers of human trafficking and know there are places to go to get help.

Otis asked, “What does peace really mean?” He emphasized the importance of being inclusive in order to put an end to bullying. It is also important to be self–
aware and to manage your stress. When you are stressed it can
prevent you from being understanding of others.

Paula told us that we need to believe in unconditional love. Glob- al change depends on personal change.

Gerry explained that the 4 presenters attended a program on peace that included 13 tracks and 11 breakout sessions over 2 days. He also spoke of a program at his former Rotary club called Choices. This program inspires teens to make positive choices.

He also told us about a speaker at the conference who was the father of a boy who was murdered. He eventually realized that, if he continued to hate the man who killed his son, he would never re- cover. He went to court to lobby for parole for the killer and gave him a job in the foundation he formed in honor of his son.

Julie Jenkins recommended reading Beyond Religion by Dalai Lama. In this book, he speaks of transcending the religion wars, he outlines a system of ethics for our shared world, one that makes a stirring appeal for a deep ap- preciation of our common humanity, offering us all a road map for improv- ing human life on individual, community, and global levels. Dennis White suggested getting to know people. Malou Hall told us she had hate in her heart while experiencing the reign of Hitler.

We learned from this presentation that peace starts with ourselves.

Thank you all for a wonderful presentation. Hopefully this is the beginning of many presentations on this important topic.