The Rotary Club of Cambria Foundation, Inc. (our Foundation) is a qualified 501(c)3 entity that has established a permanent endowment fund, the goal of which is to ultimately generate income sufficient to ease the pressure of fundraising.
Our Foundation receives the proceeds of fundraisers (e.g. VIVA, Chili Cook-Off Beer Booth, ) and allocates those proceeds by formula among the Rotary Club of Cambria Avenues of Service and the permanent endowment fund.  A portion of the income generated by the endowment is also allocated to the Club Avenues of Service.
Note that our Club member’s annual dues are remitted to Rotary International and our District 5240 for dues, and that our Club member’s annual pledges are used for the operating expenses of our Club. Neither our dues nor our pledges go through or to our Foundation.
Note also that our Club Foundation is separate from TRF (The Rotary Foundation), which was established by Rotary International and is involved in worldwide projects such as the eradication of polio.
Board Members:
         Julie Jenkins, President
         Jane Howard, Vice President       
         Linda Sherman, Secretary
         Nancy Carr,  Treasurer
         Joan Broadhurst, Director
         Andrews Boyd-Goodrich Director
         Kate Perry, Director
        Christel Chesney, Director
        Mike O'Sullivan, Director
· Meeting Dates:
3rd Wednesday each month, 5:00 pm via zoom - check with Board President Joan Broadhurst to confirm.
·   Foundation Address:
Rotary Club of Cambria Foundation
P.O. Box 1648
Cambria, CA  93428