Sherry Sim introduced our presenters, Steve Geil, Past President and Fundraising Chair of Cayucos Rotary, and Jim Brescia, County Superintendent SLO County Office of Education.

Steve began by telling us that he was looking for a project and heard about Rancho El Chorro. He was very impressed with what he saw when he toured the property
but realized a serious upgrading was needed. The property is 247 acres and the kids study under the shade of oak trees. Rancho El Chorro reaches over 10,000 young
people a year and focuses on Environmental Literacy. With help from various Rotary Clubs, the importance of high ethical standards, conflict resolution and the 4 Way
Test are an important part of the curriculum. By partnering with other Rotary Clubs, this project will enhance Rotary’s image and brand to a broad spectrum of young
people, their parents and grandparents. It will also bring hundreds of Rotarians together for a single purpose and, most of all, be FUN!

Jim explained that children are very literal when they are young. They start out being taught right and wrong. Later in life, this is challenged on a
daily basis by a constant bombardment from different mediums; musical lyrics, action movies, television shows,

video games, and peer pressure. Learning the Four-Way Test’s ethical standards of conduct early on, will better prepare them for the future, thereby benefitting society as

a whole. This is where Rotary comes in. There are various ways Rotary can partner in this project from providing $15,000 to build a yurt to $350—$500 for a bench or by joining with other Rotary clubs to adopt part of a project. As we have done for years and will continue to do for Camp Ocean Pines, this
is just one more way to get involved with helping the youth of California.

Thank you for a great presentation Steve and Jim.