Posted on Apr 06, 2018

Roger Robinson shared information he received from the PETS conference he attended in February. Some of the key points:

  •   In an attempt to better explain what Rotary is all about RI has come up with a new “elevator
    speech” that can be used the next time someone asks you “what is Rotary?: “We’re a
    leadership organization of local business, professional and civic leaders. We meet regularly, get to know each other, form friendships, and through that, we’re able to get things done in this community”.

  •   More people join Rotary for friendship and local impact than any other reason.

  •   Rotary’s #1 priority is membership! Without members there is no Rotary. Clubs may now offer associate, corporate (business), family or other types of membership and our club will be looking into a number of options to increase our membership, integrating new members into the club and providing training where needed.

  •   RI also recommends forming committees (rather than assigning just a single person) for Service, Membership, Publicity, TRF, Grants and Awards, joining Avenues of Service, which already has committees.

  •   When Avenues of Service makes a donation or participates in an activity, it is important that a photo be taken (when possible) and that photo be posted on the District website, social media, etc.

  •   RI also recommends varying our meetings. Some suggestions include, rather than having a speaker every week, alternate the speakers with a vocational talk, a Rotary information session and committee updates. It was also suggested that, for months with 5 Fridays, have an evening social hour at a local bar or restaurant and encourage everyone to bring a guest.

  •   Council on Legislation: Some changes announced are: Attendance: Clubs can relax or tighten rules on attendance; Rule of 85: Rotarians can be excused from attendance if the combined total of years of membership plus age equals 85, with years of membership total at least 20. Fees: Clubs can relax/tighten admission fees. RI dues may increase annually; Meetings: a minimum of 2 are required each month and the club can decide where and when; Magazines: 2 Rotarians living at the same address can request just one copy of the Rotarian Magazine.