Bruce Howard asked if anyone had any idea how many Americans were infected by polio. The answer: a quarter of a million. He then asked if anyone know who the first doctor to administer a polio vaccine and the year he did it? It was Dr. Jonas Salk in 1954. Finally, does anyone know the name of the competing doctor who did a live virus? His name was Albert Sabin. 

In 1978-79 Rotary started a program in the Philippines to eradicate polio. It was only conducted in the Philippines and was a 5 year project. It was the first Health, Hunger and Humanity (3H) Grant that Rotary did. About 6 million children were immunized against polio, at a cost of about $760,000. The funds for 3H Grants come from your Annual Fund donations. So, everything related to Polio started with the Annual Fund. In 1984 Dr. Albert Sabin spoke to the Rotary Convention and commended rotary on the wonderful job they did in the Philippines. He said, if you guys were really good, you would take on the world. RI figured it would cost around $125 million to eradicate polio world-wide. About a quarter of a billion dollars was raised by Rotary through the Annual Fund. When we started the program, there was over 1,000 new cases in the world per day. Today we have had just 2 cases of the wild cases of the polio virus so far this year. About 19 million people today don’t have polio today because of our efforts! Please keep up your support!