PE Mary Ann Carson began by telling us about this year’s PETS (President Elect Training Seminar). The focus for 2019/20 Rotary year is “Rotary Connects the World” and the overriding message of all the speakers at PETS was PEACE. Peace in the world will be achieved through education and Rotary is uniquely situated to help.

Mary Ann played a video of a presentation given by Mattias Sundholm, with the United Nations Security Council Counter Terrorism Dept, and U.N. Dept. of Peacekeeping Operations. He has worked all over the world, utilizing his 4 fluent languages to further strategic world

communications. In the video, he told us that ISIS bragged “Once every village had an idiot. It took the internet to bring them together”. While there is no silver bullet to resolve the problem, technology experts are working to thwart the use of the internet to promote terrorism. Most terrorist organizations, such as ISIS are afraid of educated girls which is why it is so important to bring education to girls around the world.

The second speaker was Paul Chappel, an international peace educator. He emphasized that people with passion and purpose have survived concentration camps and other horrible

conditions but that well-fed but purposeless, alienated and disenfranchised people are the ones who become terrorists and mass murderers and create violence in the world. He praised

Rotary’s “purpose”. If you ever have a chance to hear him speak, please do, He is amazing!

Our second presenter was someone we all know well, Deepa Biswas. Through PACE and the Piyali Learning Center, Deepa has poured every privilege back into the hands of the most vulnerable yet valuable members of society—girls.

Deepa began by showing us a heartbreaking video of a young girl being sold into slavery by her father. You can view the video, JABA from PACE Universal here: https:// It is definitely worth taking a few minutes to view this if you were not able to attend Friday’s meeting.

Every 7 seconds a child is forced into marriage. 700 million have been married before the age of 18. 62 million

girls world-wide have no education and 2 million a year are sold for sex. And, it is not just in third-world countries. The Central Coast has become a hot bed for human trafficking.

Deepa firmly believes that when you “teach a girl, you feed a village.” Our club       was proud to present Deepa with a check representing the sponsorship for 2 girls. A sponsorship of $375 pays for one year of school supplies, uniforms, education, meals and healthcare.

“Working together to change the face of  trafficking and extreme poverty.”