Each table was asked to discuss how to bring peace into family gatherings during the holidays especially during


Nancy Bennett reported that her table discussed not talking about COVID or politics.

Elaine Beckham suggested being more like Rick Low (ha ha) but ended by saying that her table suggested that

we just listen.

Shari Long told us that her table suggested checking in with yourself. Be grateful for what you have; be kind

to others; communicate.

Jane Howard relayed a situation in her own family where she and her sisters got together for the normal holiday

dinner but one of the brother-in-laws is not vaccinated and nobody wanted to sit near him. It made for a

very awkward evening. The group had plans to meet again the next night with their 97 year old mother and

they were concerned about putting her at risk. So they told the brother-in-law that they love him but just

can’t have him there. It was very hard.

Paula ended the discussion by reminding us to love ourselves and understand that there are differences. Janet

added that we are the Family of Rotary despite our different nationalities, religions, political leanings.

She then wished us a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanza.