Paula began by telling us that she has been living in Zambia since 2005 and has been wanting to build a school in the town of Mwandi. Moyo Lunga Community School opened on January 14, 2019 for pre-school and 1st grade. We have 2 pre-school class rooms and the morning and afternoon 1st grade total enrollment is over 70 students. This is a community school so the PTA fees that we charge are modest. For those students who cannot pay the parents or guardians work at the school keeping the land clear of weeds and debris as well as cleaning the toilets and class rooms and giving the teachers any assistance they may need. This school is the first of its kind in Mwandi Royal Village. The only other primary school in the area was built in the 50’s for around 300 students they now have over 1000 from 1st to 7th grade. This community school was very much needed and is working exactly like a community school should.

Paula told us they have 3 wonderful qualified teachers. Peter, who she sponsored through college to be a teacher, is their acting head as well as 1st grade teacher. Lydia and Bridget are the pre-school teachers. All the buildings and furniture were donated by many groups and individuals.

They plan to take this school to 7th grade and are always looking for donors to help us build as well as help with the running costs of the
school. The PTA fees only cover about 1 1⁄2 months of expenses. They must pay the teachers, electric, water, hand soap, toilet paper and all
the other running costs. At this point they do have a group coming in July 2019 that are raising funds to build 2nd grade but they always need help with furniture and other things needed to open that class, as well to continue building on to the school. The community is behind this school 100% . “The need was so great these kids deserve the best we can give them. Life in this village is not easy. and without an education that starts early in life they are lost. Our hope and mission is to keep building on till we get to the 7th grade to provide quality education to all”, Paula said.

Check out the gallery of photos at gallery.html to get a true picture of the work that is being done by this amazing group of volunteers.