Chuck introduced our oldest Charter Member, Tom Tierney, and told him, “In appreciation of your long years of service to the Rotary Club of Cambria, and your hanging in with us for so many years, I would like to present you with a Paul Harris Fellow award” and a trophy that reads “Charter member Tom Tierney, in recognition of your dedicated services as a charter member and loyal Rotarian since 1971, Rotary Club of Cambria est. June 1971”. 

Christel Chesney told Tom that he was really hot in those early days. She then said that the in-coming Presidents decided they need to have a pin made in honor of our 50th years and she wanted him to be the first person to wear it. She then told us that everyone will be getting one in their swag box along with a bottle of champagne, a cupcake, and a bag of pretzels. 

Tom said that Otis brought to his attention that Tom was the only one with back-to-back presidencies. He was the vice president but the president was here for such a short time, he wound up stepping in to replace him. 

Tom wanted to relate to us one of the projects we did that actually got into the Rotary Magazine. When they first started the club, there was a bunch of guys that were in construction and they would meet in one of the ware-houses on Main St. to try to build a following and getting sanctioned. They decided to help the high school with their Medieval Faire. They were able to get a group from Fresno who did jousting and horseback riding in full dress. There were booths at the faire that were run by other non-profits in town as fundraisers for their organizations. Rotary decided to handle the parking by charging each car a small fee to park. However, it did not take long for the police to show up and demand that they stop collecting money because there was a line of cars all the way down Santa Rosa Creek Rd., down Main St. and overflowing onto Hwy 1. Thousands of people were coming to see the event. Needless to say, Rotary wound up not making much money. You can see photos of this event on the slide show that is attached to this email. 

Tom was the President of the HS Booster Club as well as President of our Rotary Club so he was able to get coordinate volunteers from the Rotary Club and the Booster Club to work on projects for the schools. Tom designed a sys-tem for lighting the football field, the cost of which neared $15,000. So the Boosters and Rotary started fundraising and were able to fund the lighting of the field. Rotarians drilled the telephone poles, mounted the light systems and put in all the lighting. Every year, Tom would climb to the top of the poles and adjust the lights so they lit the baseball field then adjusted them again so the lights shined on the football field. 

Linda Sherman told us that Sheila O’Leary Jones who was President of the Chamber of Commerce and owned San Simeon Travel. In May of 1987, everything changed for Rota-ry and women. Sheila joined our club in Fall of 1987 and became our first female member followed by Debra Walton, Superintendent of San Simeon Park District including Hearst Castle and, of course, Flo Kast, better known as Momma Flo. Flo was our first fe-male President and the second one was Nancy Carr!