We are a Strong club...The Best Rotary Club in the World! We have accomplished, as a unit, an immeasurable amount of good for our friends, neighbors and so many of those in need here and around the world. Our Members are of all persuasions, talents and abilities that work in unison towards common positive goals. And we have all had the benefit of creating new friends and close relationships through the course of our Rotary actions. Having said that.... Attrition happens. It just happens for so many obvious reasons, no need to list. Strong clubs can dwindle all too quickly. To stay strong we need to work at adding new members to fill the gaps created by loss and to help keep the energy flowing so we can remain productive and beneficial to our community and the world. With that said... I want you each to remember how you were introduced to Rotary and some of your most enjoyable Rotary experiences. It can be a good time you had or a particularly satisfying experience. Nancy McKarney: was introduced to Rotary in 1988. The N. Hollywood Club named her a member before it was technically required. She became a member of Cambria Rotary in 1994. One memorable experience was taking a cruise to Puerta Vallarta with a whole gang of club members and being served paella by a group of Rotarians. 

Christel: Socorro Simons brought her to the club, and, as it turns out, all her best friends are members of Rotary now. She didn’t have mush of a social life in Cayucos because, where they lived, was mostly vacation rentals. Her most memorable experience was hanging out with the kids at RYLA where she was a counselor. 

Pres. Chuck: was introduced to Rotary back in Pittsburgh when he was a young attorney. He was encouraged by the older attorneys in his office to join and, quite frankly, he did not enjoy any of the meetings he attended. He thought, “who are these people singing songs and doing the pledge”. When he moved to Cambria in 2004, he was invited to a Rotary meeting and fell in love with our club specifically. 

Linda Sherman: she was introduced to Rotary in 2016, right after her husband passed away, by Joan Broadhurst. Shortly thereafter, Socorro knocked on her door and told her that she was coming to Rotary with her the next day. One of her most memorable experiences is what she is doing right now. She is restoring the history of our club going back to 1971. It has become quite an incredible project. 

Otis: Rotary actually sponsored him when he was in college. The Snyder Rotary Club even gave him a small stipend that really helped. His most memorable part is the fact that we are really his family! He still gets teary eyed when he thinks about the reception the club threw for him and Joe. 

Chuck DeVroede: In 1982 he was approached by Jim Siegel (?) from Cambria Electric. He felt he was too busy with his business but kept being approached by people asking when he was going to come to Rotary. He especially enjoys the comradery. 

Sue R.: This guy kept running around. He had a mustache and walked with a cane and he talked me into joining Rotary. What she loves and really misses the new member orientations where everyone lets their hair down and has a good time. But we will be doing it again. 

Dick & Bonnie: Bonnie moved to Cambria first and got started in Rotary because she had a business and wanted to give back. Dick’s sponsor was Bonnie. He had been a member of the Moorpark Club before moving to Cambria. His most memorable time has been in his role as Sheriff.