Dennis White introduced our good friend, Tom Tierney, who he described as his mentor.

Tom told us some hysterical, albeit horrifying stories about his time as a tree trimmer. Growing up in Michigan, he used to climb trees using a rope. When he was 15, he hitch- hiked out to California and got a job taking out trees for a housing project. When he moved to Cambria, he worked on is own (never a good thing when you are climbing a 40’ high tree). He recounted a number of times when he either got stuck in the tree or

fell out of it. Undaunted, he would always get right back in the tree. One time he had a friend come help him. They tied a rope to his friend’s pick up so he could be pulled up the tree. Unfortunately, his friend had the truck windows closed and the radio on and he could not hear Tom screaming “STOP!”. One night he was invited to dinner at a friend’s house during a windy rain storm. A tree fell on Tom’s truck. Tom borrowed a chain saw, cut the canopy off the tree and wound up 30 feet across the road. Another time, while taking a tree down, it hit a power pole. Almost instantly, people came rushing out of their houses screaming at him because their power went out and it was Super Bowl Sunday! We cannot wait to hear more of Tom’s stories!