Donna Crocker introduced our speaker, Madison Makanaokahaku Scott. She told us how 9 years ago, the curiosity of this amazing blind girl drew her to the voices of Hawaii.

Madison greeted us with “Aloha” and told us she was excited to share her story. She asked, “How in the world did a blind, native Cambrian get interested in Hawaiian music?” She and her parent one evening took a walk in the moonlight. While discussing the moon, she decided to look for songs about the moon and she downloaded many songs in different languages. Meanwhile, her dad, Curtis, was telling a co-worker, Uncle Pico, about her quest for songs and he asked if she ever listened to any Hawaiian songs about the moon. Once she listened to a few songs, some on English and some in Hawaiian, she was hooked. “It was love at first listen”, said Madison. She began to wonder if she would like other Hawaiian songs so “Uncle Pico” gave

her about 5,000 songs.

'Ōleloʻia ka moʻolelo (the story is told). Madison was always fascinated with languages but the Hawaiian language really clicked with her. Being home schooled, she had the freedom to learn any language she wanted and she decided on Hawaiian. In 2011, Madison and her family took their first trip to Hawaii. Since then, they have been back 6 times and will be heading back in mid -August and plan to stay until mid-October.

She has taken voice lessons from Ruth Flemming, piano lessons from Emily Fitzgerald and jazz lesson from Charlie Shoemake.

Madison recently completed her second CD and offered it for sale after our meeting.

For those who were not able to attend Friday’s meeting but would like to hear some of the songs Madison sang, you can go to:

Thank you Madison for an inspiring and beautiful presentation!