John Ehlers entertained us with a collection of motivational posters. There is a link to his presentation, showing all the posters, in the email that also con- tains a link to this newsletter. It is worth the time to check these out because of the photos on the poster. Here are quotes from some of the posters:

Mistakes: It Could Be That the Purpose of Your Life Is Only to Serve as a Warning to Others.

Irresponsibility: No Single Raindrop Believes it is to Blame for the Flood

Dysfunction: The Only Consistent Feature of All of Your Dissatisfying Relationships is You.

Ambition: The Journey of a Thousand Miles Sometimes Ends Very, Very Badly.

Flattery: If You Want to Get to the Top, Prepare to Kiss a Lot of the Bottom

Individuality: Always Remember That You Are Unique. Just Like Everybody Else.

Cluelessness: There Are No Stupid Questions, But There Are a LOT of Inquisitive Idiots.

Problems: No Matter How Great and Destructive Your Problems May Seem Now, Remember, You’ve Probably Only Seen the Tip of Them

Teamwork: A Few Harmless Flakes Working Together Can Unleash an Avalanche of Destruction Idiocy: Never Underestimate the Power of Stupid People in Large Groups.

Ignorance: It’s Amazing How Much Easier it is for a Team to Work Together When No One Has Any Idea Where They’re Going.

Underachievement: The Tallest Blade of Grass Is the First to be Cut by the Lawnmower And a couple of personal favorites:

Until You Spread Your Wings, You’ll Have No Idea How Far You Can Walk.

Aspirations: When chickens dream