Julian Crocker introduced our speaker. Andrea Wogsland came to Cambria in 2019 to start her new position as Executive Director of Greenspace - The Cambria Land Trust. She brings
with her a background facilitating land conservation, environmental business design, community outreach, and environmental education. After working for a conservation-driven
investing firm and the local land trust, who operated the organic farm closest to New York City, Wogsland became a Project Partner with Southwest Strategies, a top public affairs firm in
California, spearheading an eco-tourism project. She galvanized the simmering need for healthy food in a community located in the South Bay of San Diego by leading the business
planning effort to start a grocery co-op market. The co-op now has over 300 owners. Since 2016, she has served as the Development Director for an animal welfare non profit organization in Santa Barbara County, CA with several environmental education programs. She serves on the board of directors of Southwest Wetlands Interpretive Association, a cooperative non profit organization with California State Parks and the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration for the Tijuana River National Estuarine Research Reserve.

November 2019.

Wogsland attended Parsons School of Design’s business program for Design & Management in New York City.

Greenspace kicked off our #3000 Trees Initiative at our Earth Day celebration on April 21, 2019. More seeds got a jumpstart the following week when Greenspace participated in Cambria Grammar School's STEAM night. As of May, 35 families have stepped up to sow and care for a rack of 98 Monterey Pines in Super-Cells until they are ready to be planted with their sibling trees this fall. In total, our community is growing approximately 3,800 seedlings.

Growers are relaying that seed germination is already emerging anywhere from
one courageous leader to a family of 48 in greenhouse conditions. While the germination rate may vary between seed lots, we are on the path for our projected planting in

She also told us about Pocahontas Park (on the corner of Wilton Dr. & Newton) which is being used to demonstrate the prosperity of native plants. By exhibiting native plant growth, we hope to show Cambrians that a beautiful garden can be achieved with the addition of native plants. This inspiration scales to a larger audience through education events and volunteer involvement.

We learned about the Nature Club which focuses on exploration and discovery, the different age and generation groups being together allow for different needs and perspectives to be viewed by all. For example, the 15 year old is a role model for the 4 year old, who gives a helpful perspective through young eyes, and for myself, being an “elder,” I might share my thoughts and experiences with young parents.